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  1. Cheers for the comments guys :-)
  2. Some shots from a visit to a small power plant in France last year. Lots of rust and vintage control panels made it a cracking place to see and possibly one of my favourite explores last year
  3. very nice. Love those stairs and the ballroom :-) Tried to visit this place on a trip last year but one inside the main building all the internal doors had been sealed so could not get to any part worth shooting :-( Pretty gutted as looks quite nice from your pictures.
  4. Had planned to hit this place on a trip to Europe last Nov but ran out of time due to other locations. Must admit, it looks bloody ace (I don’t want to even think about what we wasted time on when we could have been here, its just too depressing :-(
  5. looks very nice this place (& those fireplaces are a bit special)!!
  6. quite fancy seeing this place. If only it weren’t so far from me :-(
  7. Been very busy of late so not had a great deal of time to spend on Photography/UE but managed to get a quick trip down to Clockhouse Brickworks so thought I'd share a few shots of this place. It was great to get out again for a look around some old industry. The old workshops were definitely a highlight of this location
  8. Lovely stuff. Awesome shots and processing.
  9. Thought I’d post up a few pics from a trip to Centrale Thermique from last October (apologise as I’m sure most have seen this place plenty of times already :-). Before my visit I was in two minds whether to visit this place at all, but as it was close to a couple of other locations so though we’d take a look. Must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Yep its pretty tagged and trashed in places but it still has that wow factor just from the scale of the place (and these pipes)! This was the 3rd industrial location of the day so light was fading and my energy levels were pretty low so I did miss a few bits What did interest me about the history of this place was that it ran from the exhaust gases from all the blast furnaces in the area. When the last blast furnace shut down in the area Central Thermique closed the following day.
  10. mmmmmmm Chocolate (dam fine pics, absolutely lovely)!!
  11. Cracking set. I need a revisit of this place. Was chucking it down all day when I visited which limited any chance of external shots.