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  1. Thanks all.Like I said,,Great to be here....Ill upload when I am allowed...For now Im trawling through sheer Brilliance from you all ....why isn't Urbexing on the gcse course..Reckon half the country would manage an a in honours....
  2. id buy that too...good choice ,what a find..
  3. Hi all..Running a Canon 550d with 18-55mm lens 70-300mm lens 8mm wide..55-200mm lens....50mm lens,,Various Flash Units and of Course Tripod and Remote...and some Nd Filter Sets Just in Case...
  4. Nice set...I am addicted to Asylums ,so Never expect a negative from me ....
  5. Love this set actually.....Detail is Unreal.....Black and white would Blow these away to amazing also,,But simply my opinion..Love the set..
  6. Hi to each of you..As Explorers we already Know the passion that lies beneath what we do and indeed Why we do it...We extend a warm welcme to all the members to come and have a look at our Facebook page..We always appreciate a like and of course Feel free to stay as Long as you like...https://www.facebook.com/pages/URBEX-Ireland/299887835100?ref=hl Our personal Motto regarding Exploring is (Take Nothing But Memories ,Leave Nothing but Footprints..) I do Hope you all Enjoy the Work..Regards Paul...
  7. My thread Title is exactly How I feel whilst being part of this Forum....Now some of the members may already Know me from My Urbex Facebook page..Some However may not,But to one and all Id love to give a hugh thank you to all of you and thank all the members for having us here...As most of us know ,so so many don't understand Urbex or Exploring etc,so Like youy all,Its a pleasure to be amongst Like minded friends....I will post Pictures Once I have my profile set up properly,and if your on facebook,It would be super Fantastic if youd pop over and please click us a like,and of course dive into the depths of the world of asylums....https://www.facebook.com/pages/URBEX-Ireland/299887835100 ....Anyway ..Pleasure is all ours to be here......