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  1. My final report from the roadtrip taken in mid December around the highlights of Germany, Belgium and France. Dr. A’s house is a former surgery deep in Germany. A huge old house dating back to the late 19th century judging by the architecture from the outside. The ground floor from my interpretation used to be the surgery for Dr. A with two surgery rooms, reception and waiting rooms. The jars of specimens reminds me on a smaller scale of the horror labs but without the gory animal heads….more internals of what I have no clue! The upper floors were the living quarters with another grand piano, studies and bedrooms. I liked this place and could of spent ages here….but as it was late winter and another place in another country to go, I didn’t spend that long there - Just enough to get a feel of it. Another visit maybe on the cards later this year…… Here are the pictures….I tried to reduce it to what I could do but it maybe a bit too much so apologises in advance. Pictures: Image 1) Image 2) Image 3) Image 4) Image 5) Image 6) Image 7) Image 8) Image 9) Image 10) Image 11) Image 12) Image 13) Image 14) Image 15) Image 16) Image 17) Image 18) Image 19)
  2. Another from the Europe trip in December. A quick early visit to this abandoned but clean monastery. Spent just over an hour here. The main highlight is definitely the church. Such a grand place but clean as well. Apart from the main church, didn't venture too far into the adjacent buildings as was strapped for time. Can't really find much information about this place..... Pictures:
  3. Another place I visited this December during the road trip around Europe. Again another place I wanted to see after seeing previous reports of this place. Wallfahrt was one of my favourite places to explore during that trip. An abandoned house, but not trashed. Still aspects of history and belonging there. A perfect time capsule and one of the main reasons why I enjoy exploring, especially in mainland Europe. I took lots of pictures but I tried to narrow it down to the ones below to get a flavour of what I saw. Pictures:
  4. Visited one weekend in dark and cold December just before the weak sunset. I wanted to visit this place when it was reported due to the strange and surreal effects the sun had inside the plastic dome protecting the dish. From what I can determine, Zone Braams was a former satellite communications area built in 1969 and was in use for more than 40 years before being finally decommissioned. Current plans are to return the site back to a communications relay for the EU, but this has not happened. The place is very stripped out. All the buildings are empty and nothing really inspiring to take pictures of except this huge satellite dish. I only took a few pictures…..there are only so many angles you can cover of a dish. In this instance I guess quality of quantity! Pictures:
  5. This was on my list since I first saw reports earlier this year and I was fortunate to be in mainland Europe when I heard that access was possible since earlier this year. Spent a few hours here before heading back to old Blighty after a few days on the Continent. The place seems to have gone down pretty quickly since the first reports were found of this place. I suspect the nearby Gipsy camp has helped in stripping this place full of valuable metals as there was evidence of their handy work. 3 cell blocks and the admin blocks...pretty much similar but still a good look nevertheless....and my first prison! Pictures:
  6. I know this site has been done to death but I wanted to visit it before it got publicised and thankfully I did. Visited one wet weekend in October just before it was splashed all over the Daily Mail website with location and all given. I just hope it doesn’t go all down hill from now and gets destroyed like Potters Manor…. It was my first UK explore since earlier this year as I turned more to Europe now. A relatively quick visit but the place still has some good parts to see. I won’t bore you with details as history has been well documented here and now the Daily Mail, so here is my take on this place. Pictures:
  7. Cheers I remember! That hostel was crap....should have roughed it.
  8. Haha....there was but I wasn't satisfied with the shot and wanted to catch some summer rays!
  9. So this is the final report from that weekend road trip in July with wevsky, sx-riff raff and space invader. This was visited after a few visits elsewhere and I think was the last one of the day. Researching this place, I believe that that this was the place where they made crystal mouldings and actual glass crystals for one of the famous crystal producers in Belgium. The factory is now downsizing and these abandoned buildings are adjacent to the active factory. For me, I think this was one of the best places I saw that weekend. It felt a bit like Tone Mills in the UK. A small workshop but with antiquated machinery and tools – a return is definitely warranted in the future. I could literally spend a few hours there just explore the place and taking shots. Here are a selection of those pictures and sorry in advance for the overload! Pictures: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) .....and that's me finished for that roadtrip, finally!
  10. I'm sure that log liked the way your access the place
  11. Another report from that long roadtrip weekend in July - actually this was the first successful place we got in but it is almost one of the last to be produced by me. I think I got 'writer's block' in processing the pictures since July.... Visited with space invader, wevsky and sx-riffraff and another classic entrance by wevsky! Not too sure about this place, seems like a chapel that was attached to some manor house or hotel judging by what was found but can't really find much information on the internet. Pictures:
  12. Some variety from the last trip to Belgium, outside the numerous churches we visited was this quick visit to Crachoir Piscine. Visited with wevsky and sx-riffraff with Mr. Space Invader taking a pit stop in the local McDonalds. Wevsky made a greatest entry. Climbing a boarded door for it to collapase. Not the quietest entry but definitely a laugh! Only took a few pictures as this was literally a flying visit before the sun went down and after a long day of driving and cramming places in. Pictures:
  13. Another church from the last road trip in Belgium. I think I’ve never been inside so many churches in one weekend before and since. Must be something I’ve done in the past or in the future. Visited with space invader, wevsky and sx-riffraff. The church is stuck in the middle of the countryside. It was pretty busy on the road where we parked up with cyclists and motorbikes but inside here we got peace and quiet until our next place. Quiet a small little gem with the lighting inside. Again not much information can be gather about this place. Pictures:
  14. I do love the driving. You did say I drive like an old man though!