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  1. Been back recently, and sadly someone's now nicked the petrol pump! Good site though, with a nice mix of buildings...
  2. Been there a couple of times a year or two ago, before I owned a DSLR...
  3. Brilliant shots, didn't succeed in my last attempt to gain access...
  4. Totally unique, I love it! Surprised it hasn't been used as a filming location - great lair for a villain!
  5. How high was the abseil (I'm guessing it's the drop in the first pic)? Not good at judging these things... I'm thinking of a trip to Belgium soon, but will probably give this a miss - not good with ropes as you know
  6. Cheers - I do normally use Manual, but my shutter release gave up on me a while back and I have yet to pick up a new one, then I'll be able to do exposures longer than the 30 second limit!
  7. I'm lacking transport at the moment, so I decided to take a walk and have a revisit of my most familiar UE haunt. Sadly the place has gone downhill fast - it was sealed recently, but they left it a bit late... Once upon a time the site was in great condition, but has sadly become a victim of its popularity with local kids. The building is still sealed up well - so after a comedy entrance, I was inside. You could hear a pin drop - even though it was pitch dark, it was reassuring to know I would not have any unwanted company, after seeing how well the place is secured. I remember, months ago my girlfriend and I had a nasty shock while on the roof - hearing an angle grinder start up, before an awkward encounter with the culprits downstairs... There has been a mill on this site for roughly 150 years, with the large silo structures built considerably later. As I recall, the site ceased operation around 2005 due to modernization. The site is now in development hell (the plan was to convert the Grade II listed building into apartments) - the buyer paid too much and couldn't make a profit, and left the whole site unguarded for years. Anyway, as it was a good night for it, half the photographs are taken from the roof. The other half were taken while I tried not to fall through rotten floorboards... Thanks for looking!
  8. There has been scaffolding up here for quite some time, and it was obvious some brilliant views could be had from the top! So I set out one cold December night, found my way to bottom of the ladder, and began climbing. There was a PIR about 20 feet up, which turned out not to be connected to anything - so I carried on until I reached the turreted roof. It was a great spot to sit (when out of view) and enjoy the unique views! The church is opposite a monastery - here's a snippet of history quoted from pugin.com: "This is a Grade 1 listed building of as much historic value as The Grange next door. Despite having a private chapel in his house, Pugin built St. Augustine's for himself. It was begun in 1844, Pugin made only one plan for the building and this was where the foundations should be. From then on it grew out of a passion for the endeavour. The construction ceased from time to time since funds frequently ran out and Pugin would only use the best materials. He had stone bought from Whitby, as well as using local flint. The church was not finished at Pugin's death and the outside wall next to the road was only at waist height and approximately ten foot long. However this was completed by his eldest son Edward who was also an architect." Enjoy the photographs! Thanks for looking!
  9. Well glory to those that dont do this sort of thing....general public. To everyone else well...Why would you want to be in the papers for one of the smallest cranes posted on the internet? Well done for getting out and doing it but it is far from glory, more glorified publicity for something that has been climbed before but never posted purely because of its height and lack of views. Exactly - to the many 'craners' this isn't much of a big thing. This is only my second crane though, and tallest so far. I decided to post on it because there were some decent views, and a good story to go with it. All of my friends and acquaintances who have seen it, however, think it is amazing, although I don't see the fuss. If I had to choose, I wouldn't want to be in the paper, because like you said this isn't the tallest crane. Also, to me, it wasn't much of a challenge, so I was surprised. I suppose I should have worded it differently, not really glory, more just something to have a laugh about amongst friends...
  10. Oh god, wish I could have heard it!
  11. Bit of a random thought here - but how the hell did they get all those cars down there anyway? The front door seems wide enough, but the paths down to the sunken garden are too narrow//
  12. I'm happy with the glory at the moment - at least it is a positive (or neutral at least) report. They actually used two pics, so I might invoice them. Don't know if I can be arsed with them giving the development company my details.
  13. This crane is on the site of the partly redeveloped Royal Sea Bathing Hospital in Margate. The company responsible for the development went bust a couple of years ago, and since then the site has been a mix of abandoned hospital, occupied apartments in refurbished buildings, and concrete frames which were to be new apartments. The site has clearly been bought out by another company, because there are active security onsite. I don't know why they haven't resumed work yet. After crossing a wall, I was inside one of the aforementioned concrete structures, and found my way to the base of the crane. The base is covered with hoarding, but another structure was being built around it. I went up a ladder, and ran across the roof of the building to where the crane emerged from it. After sliding through the bars, I began the ascent... The first 50 feet or so were the worst, as I climbed up past occupied apartments. There was a man on his laptop the whole time I was up there, and I was praying he didn't turn around. One woman decided to hang out of the window for a smoke, luckily she waited until I was well hidden at the top before she did this! Anyway, enough writing for now - enjoy the pictures. The whole crane was moving, so some of them are slightly out of focus... The obligatory crane operator portrait! As I was on the last rung before jumping back out onto the roof, someone looked straight at me and quickly drew the curtains - and almost straight after torch light was coming from the other side of the crane - the ladder to get down was just out of cover, and was lit up. As soon as the security guards starting moving towards me, I ran for the ladder, back through the building and across the wall. As I started up my bike to leave, I saw the crane still bathed in torchlight - perfect timing! According to a sign, the road up the side of the site is due to be closed on the 27th January for 'Crane Operations' - so it looks like I may have got here just in time! Thanks for looking!
  14. I love heights! That looks like it was a pretty memorable experience.