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  1. - Unexposed Exploration is back with my first report of the year! & i promise to do a new post every week starting now!! Back at the beginning of the year myself and "Adam X" visited Chaise Abbey before the tour buss arrived and ruined if for everyone! The Explore: The cold foggy morning in january we set off on the 4+ hour drive to the only location of the day "Chaise Abbey" when we arrived it was still pitch black. We where sitting in the car waiting for sun to come up a little more when a car pulled in behind us! Police ? Secca ? It cant be all over already ? No thankfully it was more explorers, So we quickly left and started the walk to the location. It was only until i checked my phone and i had 3 texts saying "Is that you guys at "chaise abbey" and we realised we would not be the only explorers this weekend. When we where inside the grounds of the abbey the aim was to get inside as quickly as possible, Getting inside via the smallest entry on the hole building. Once inside we follow the sound of people talking to find out who else is around and where greeted with more explorers. We all broke up and spent a good 3-4 hours inside before meeting 2 more explorers and then leaving, getting some quick externals on the way out. Amazing explore, One of the best buildings i've seen to date!! (sorry about the mix and match with my watermark) Finally on with the photos..... Thanks for looking everyone, comments/feedback is always welcome! More photos from this location over at my page - Unexposed Exploration
  2. There was a few bathrooms but they where so smashed up and very small the photos did not look very good. I never saw a kitchen
  3. Visited this one sunny Saturday with two non members but after 2 hours exploring with much more to see we where asked to leave by some old man who was not very nice to say the least! (Video to come soon) I dont know much about the old mill but found this quickly online. Ebridge Mill was also sometimes known as North Walsham Mill. The old mill was 5 storeys high and built of red brick with a slate roof. The mill remained in the ownership of the family within Cubbitt & Walker Ltd from 1869 – 1998 when it was sold to Duffields and subsequently closed. Hope everyone enjoys the photos and don't forget to leave some feedback!
  4. Hello everyone. Havent been out exploring in a while until this evening and visited this small Abandoned House. Sorry i don't have any history. I don't know who this house belonged to. Anyway on with the photos. Hope you enjoy Thanks for looking!! Please leave comments.
  5. Real nice location!! And some amazing shots to go with it. Shame this is so far away from me.
  6. Hello everyone! I never used to post reports often. But over the last 3 days & joining this forum has put me into a real good mood and the feedback has been amazing!! Thank you all This was an explore i was not to sure about. I did not like the location and it had a spooky feel about the place! We had been inside around an hour and it was pitch black before we started hearing lots of noises and talking. I was a little worried it would be some "chavs" or "kids" smashing the place up with all the noise so we decided to leave. As we where leaving we bumped into a photographer and a model in a wedding dress. - This was my first time bumping into anyone on an explore! We spend about 30 more minuets inside before we moved on to the next location. A little history - The Fletcher Convalescent Home opened in 1893 and closed in 1998. It served as a hospital and during the war. (A tuberculosis hospital for the military) Since it closed the buildings have been subject to numerous planning applications, none of which have been successful. This building also features on the in the Victorian Society’s “Top Ten Endangered Buildings” list of 2008. Thanks for looking!!
  7. We have attempted once but crawling in the small service tunnels full of water was not the nicest thing. So after an hour or two we gave up! - Me, MR Rand and a few non members will be going back with a new plan of action for the tower! haha
  8. I like to make sure i see every single bit of what each site has to offer! And also i kinda have a soft spot for sev's so ill go back again again again..
  9. Thanks guys i was hopping people would like this one!! The place now has people working there on site most days!! Its going soon!! - Be quick if you want a visit!!
  10. Hello everyone! For my second post i decided to do somewhere close to home. This is a very little known location and i only known of 9 photographers to have ever been inside! Jeld-Wen (Boulton and Paul) Closed its joinery factory in June 2010. With the loss of more than 190 jobs, and since then the waterfront 36-acre site has remained vacant. The Staff at Jeld Wen treated wood to be made into doors, window frames and stairs at the company's other factories. I have wanted to visit this site for years as it looks interesting from the road! After finding out they have 24 hour security i didn't think this one would be possible. But one day we thought fuck it and gave it a go..... I have visited the site over 12 times and only being caught once - In the snow! Anyway on with the photos! Hope everyone enjoys this one!! Please give feedback!! Here are some photos of the outside and the workhouse when it was still in use! Maybe going on a snowy day was not the best idea!! So we decided to leave and just as we where leaving this happened!! Video link here @ OBLIVION STATE VIDEO THREAD
  11. Amazing climb!! - Need to get myself up high soon!!
  12. Hello everyone i am new to the forum as i did use DP but have just changed to oblivion state! I know quite a few people from over the UK and people on this forum. I have just posted a sev's report and also a video so please go and check them out. I will be posting more as soon as i have the time to do so. My Facebook page is - https://www.facebook.com/Unexp0sedExpl0ration
  13. Thanks for the good feedback and comments people! - I am the one at the back standing on the window!! haha!