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  1. Well well well, look who's come crawling back... Sup all, I thought it was about time I should show my face again. It's amazing how far this place has come since Maniac, Fluff and myself started it back in what 2008?! I've had a certain lack of excitement in my life for about the last 6 years (this is what being in a relationship with someone who hates fun will do for you...), so I'm back. I'll be doing a fair bit down in the Dirty south and possibly Wiltshire towards the end of March, alongside bits around the East Midlands most weekends - anyone local give me a shout! Catch ya'll soon. (PS HAI MIIIIIKEEEEEE!!!!)
  2. Having spent hours taking / editing photos over the past week or so, it seems that I have remarkably little history to put along with report, however I deem that it would be a shame if I did not write a bit to go with the photos. Not sure how many people on here will know about the last week or so of my life, but never fear! I'm currently bored as fuck and may delve into emotional rambling at any second, anything to pass the time! It seems that due to; my lack of being around, lack of doing anything constructive, lack of doing anything really.. I have been having rather server arguments with the parents that I'm still having to share a roof with; (I know I know, I need to fucking move out, but I'll come on to that) have seen fit kick me out, so to speak. In other words I've spent the last week or so sleeping on Maniac's sofa (cheers dude, love ya ) and not really done anything other then explore and watch dave. So here is the first of a number of reports I'm going to be putting up over the next week or so. This is my problem, running a car and renting a flat funded only by student loans and a part time job simply will not work, so for the moment living with the parents is my only choice. Hence my general attitude is that I do not particularly want to be there, which is obviously somewhat resented. My lifestyle is also not massively liked either, constantly ditching uni work for the next explore, or climbing, or anything at all come to think of it. My problem is motivation, I have none, at all... The number 1 priority in my life at this current point in time is UE, thats really quite sad isn't it? So I have decided that after I finish up with uni, (if I finish) I am going to devote my life to it... It can only be the next logical step... Previously in life I have wanted a secure job, money, cars, nice house etc, and until I was my redundant from architecture I was well set to achieve this. However going from copious amounts of the green stuff to nothing in the space of a week can change perspectives.. I can no longer see myself completing the same mind numbing routine every day. I constantly seek change, any excuse to get away from everything, no longer caring about money, cars, jobs etc. I guess all I want in life is to be free... Probo ftw!! Either that or a girlfriend ....
  3. What an awesome little place, loads of character and bursting with history. Visited with Maniac and Diehardlove. Lots of history here - http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/DBY/BygoneIndustries/ChertMining.html On with the pics! This was my first day underground with my new camera, and so far I am loving the results! Thats all for now folkes Shadz
  4. Yeah as far as I know this place is still do-able, pretty much walk in access too
  5. As a few of you may be aware; myself, maniac and frosty had an 'interesting' experience last wednesday at inverkip powerstation. We had been traveling around Scotland and Inverkip was our next stop. I woke up first, stretched along the back seat of Maniacs cavalier, it was about 3.30am, the time we had decided to start heading for inverkip (it was a 30 minute drive) so that we could be in before sunrise. I tried to wake maniac but was greeted with a pretty loud and angry "FUCK OFF". Hmm, it seemed he may still be a bit tired . Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours of rather sketchy sleep, to me and frosty waking up properly and then finally managing to awaken the sleeping maniac. After finally emerging from our sleeping bags we drove the 30 minutes to our parking spot, it was already getting light so we would have to be quick. We got to our access hole in the fence that we had recce'd the night before and then up to our access point into the building itself. Now, I seen big industry before, Stanton Iron Foundry, CWM Coke works etc, but this was something else. It was HUUUUUUGE!!!!! Absolutely massive. We had planned to get in, spend a couple of hours there then move on to our next destination, it was nearly time to leave but we were determined to find the control room. We saw the lit stairwell but the door to it on that level was locked, we had to find a way around the locked door before we could get to it. Myself and Frosty were stood near the top of the stairwell as maniac worked his way down to find the control room, after a couple of flights down we heard maniac "you better get your fucking arses down here!" We ran down the stairs nearly jumping each flight, through a door then around the corner, we saw maniac power walking up to a light switch then flicking it on, "clunk"... "Woah" All the lights came on, illuminating the switchboards. Anyway, will again fast forward about 20 minutes of drooling and shutter clicking... We were so nearly out when we heard the voice from below. "COME DOWN OFF THERE" "Shit.." We climbed down to meet the security guard. He seemed ok and we were just chatting to him as he escorted us to the security hut at the site entrance. He then informed us that the police had been notified and were on their way... oh great! As we stood and waited in the security hut the first police car turned up, then another, and another until there was a grand total of 5 police cars and a van, ffs lol what a start to a day. They came in and spoke briefly to us before telling us that we were being detained, not arrested, and taken back to the police station for further investigation. I rode in front in a police car with two really friendly policemen who told me about local climbing spots and an abandoned train station whilst frosty and maniac came in the van. We got to the police station where we were asked for all our details etc which was all good fun, including laughing at the insane number of middle names frosty has, I swear he makes em up After this we were each put in a cell were we would end up staying for the next 6 hours. However the cells were surprisingly comfy compared to the back seat of a car and I was already fucked from exhaustion, so I slept for most of it. After a couple of hours I was taken out of my cell for a full interview, they asked my stupid questions such as "did you intend to steal from inverkip power station"... "How many of these sorts of sites have you been to" etc etc. I was then told that I was now under arrest, for section something, I can't actually remember what it was however I'm sure maniac can clarify. I was taken back to my cell for a bit before being finger printed and had my mugshots taken. All the police up until this had been a friendly bunch, but these two were a bit blunt to say the least, I'm a photography student, but even so I think it may have been a mistake to start fiddling with the old school nikon film camera they were using for the mugshots, amazing bit of kit though haha. I also had dna samples taken, then we were told that we were to be officially cautioned and that depending on how they write a letter (or something) to whoever it is that decides these things we may get a fine. However they said that they were satisfied that we were not there to steal and that they would try to be sympathetic in their letter writing skillz. Eventually we were given back our shoes, belts and personal possessions along with our cameras and bags and told we were free to leave. However we were still a few miles from the car and there was no police car available to take us back, so we would have to make our own way back. We walked out of the cop shop, and across the road to morrisons, where we spotted it... "THREE HELD AFTER POLICE SWOOP ON POWER STATION We had made fucking front page news!!!! Somehow in the time that we had been in the cell the article had been written, gone to print and arrived in the shop, my god that was quick. Nothing must ever happen here, and the article inside was pure genius, containing such legendary quotes as "the youths who call themselves 'urban exploration'". I'm sure Maniac will get a scan up at some point. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, and not one I am going to forget. If your going to try inverkip my advice would be; if you see security.. fucking run, its just not worth staying around... Shadow
  6. Next year when I've got some more money and a passport I'm up for coming over to the US for a week or so.
  7. Doubt it mate haha, I'm pretty sure this will be in the US, unless 8ReDruM has teleported over to the UK.
  8. Picture 2 is stunning, I love the look of this place. And god that head is freaky hahah. Brilliant as usual
  9. - http://www.sleafordmaltings.com/All history along with maps and plans etc can be found in link above. On with teh picktehz! The most awesome spiral staircase in the world ever! The last ladder Quick shot of the top Burnt out section Pretty solid considering age... kinda looks like smokes coming outta chimney, though don't let your eyes deceive you; you may be surprised to learn that the chimney is no longer functioning... Visiting again soon, as I'm not overly happy with these pics, anyway ta for looking, l8rz Shadow
  10. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, I WANT THE WALLPAPER IN SHOT 3!!!!!!! :O:O:O Absolutely stunning work as usual
  11. Great stuff, wouldnt mind a looksie at this'un
  12. Visited with Desertion Photography and Jesus, a nice little place, but unfortunately it had been trashed far more then Desertion's last visit. Eastry hospital was originally built as a workhouse then converted to house the mentally impaired and those with learning disabilities. On with the pics! The famous doors Still toilet paper?!??! Pacman FTW!!! Admin wing I think The best insult graf I have ever seen Art deco light switch? Gentlemen We also found a rather disturbing room with police tape across the door and lots of bullet holes in the walls and door, in this room was also a freshly decapitated pigeon, and a kinda blade on a stick next to it :S Sorry it took so long to stick up these pics Shadow
  13. Sowwie dude, was someone me and Jesus knew, and he said only 2 would have invited you if he had said more then that. But its under his work so he could have got in trouble, I might be able to arrange a re visit though.
  14. Hey all, heres me and Jesus's latest.. This is one of Nottinghams few remaining tanneries and the only other underground tannery. (The main one is featured in nottinghams city of caves attraction). Originally tunneled out of Sandstone it consists of a few rooms underneath a lace market house as part of the cellars. Then a long passageway with 3 rooms, one of which the tannery, at the far end. When speaking to the owner of this site I found out that this was actually an illegal tannery, and was operating without a permit or license (this was a good 200 years ago) and he actually found a newspaper article on it, stating the William Merrin had been fined. Some of the rooms were extremely photogenic, especially the chair graveyard (I will come on to this) but they were also extremely hard to get all of it into shot considering the confined space.. We also had great fun growling at people through the street level grate onto the pavement and watching their reactions On with the pics! The cellars... Door leading to Merrin's Tannery The bottle of, erm... STUFF!! Long passage Creepy Chair No1 Chair No2, looked a million years old and felt older, would literally disintegrate when touched. This was in the chair graveyard room, the whole room was filled with crumbling bits of wooden chairs. Jesus The tanning baths More cellars, which used to be for storage, still contained some amusing items.. Moi et un old skool phone FTW! A book on how to handle lovebirds, why not? The legendary street level grate, where Jesus practiced his "cave pigeon" impressions and I growled "thats where the tasty humans live" at passers by Vids to come... Thats all for now folks Shadow