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  1. Nice shots, maybe next time record the alarm so we can hear it for ourselves?
  2. I wonder what sort of key you had, nice shots
  3. Checked it out last night and within 5 minutes of us being on the roadside walking up to it, security was there and sat there for a good 10 minutes! Still there when we decided to leave and give up. Think its a no-go for a while until it calms down. Apparently its meant to be getting scrapped later this year?
  4. Went up there today to have a little scope around and spent a good 30 minutes there with no security, didn't go inside the plane though but walked around the base of it, checking out the hatches and whatnot. Been told there's meant to be lots of security around still though, and once you enter the plane they'll be there almost instantly?
  5. Obviously as some of you know Manston has closed now, any info on whether its accessible or not? I'm aware of one of the things to see there without giving too much away, but all I really need to know is what is the security like there if any? Have read some stories and don't fancy getting arrested under the terrorism act lol! Feel free to PM me if you like as to not disclose it on a public forum
  6. Might have to check it out then, thanks guys
  7. I couldn't find anything that said about bandwith limits, thanks though!
  8. Hey guys. Thinking of getting a blogspot for my general photography and some of my better urbex shots. Anybody had any experience with it? Is it good? easy to use? what sort of features could I be looking at? Thanks for any advice :
  9. Looking at places like this reminds me I need to get off my arse and get out to do some exploring! Great shots
  10. Nice set. Be interesting to know where abouts this is, I'm yet to explore a hospital thats actually in tact..
  11. I'm using a Nikon D300s with 18-105mm 50mm 1.8 sigma 70-300mm lens next lens will be the 10mm fisheye or a 70-200mm 2.8 action lens
  12. I can never remember which one is Shelter 1 and which is Shelter 2! Nice set of pics though