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  1. Nice set of pictures. Picture 8 is hilarious. That hospital seems to be the new rage, I see a lot of galleries popping up. Lets see how long it'll last.
  2. Heh thanks. I skipped the factory. I took a quick glance into one of the halls and it looked like an excavator went hogwild, so I ignored all of it. I suppose I should stop by the next time I'm in the vicinity.
  3. Was bored today, checked my updated maps on what I could visit in a jiffy. Turned out this qualified. Checking older image sets of this place, it looked rather nice. Guess my surprise when I then entered the building. Holy crap, has this place been trashed. Imagery with things still somewhat in order were dated November, but we're July now. So in little over half a year, some people sure had their fun in here. (Also, research made me plow head first into a Flickr gallery of some dude laying bare naked over all sorts of things. Yuck!) For some reason I remember reading that there's active alarm systems around here. First thing I see running around the corner is a siren mounted to the wall. Uh oh. Lots of time was spent flanking the place, learning that I should finally invest in some binocs, too. Of course, it was just a broken alarm system.
  4. I'm not sure how to feel about this. For one, starting out in urban exploration is a pain in the ass, since getting people to tell you about locations often requires something to show first, so getting info freely is a huge advantage. There's only so much you can find my research, the gems are usually hard to find. But it limits the audience, because where's a crowd, there's often drama. On the other hand, I expect people with only a passing interest to suddenly give various locations half assed attempts and potentially draw unwanted attention to the premises. Drawing the interest of owners, that either reinforce the place or amp up security. I mean, if you really try, you can find plenty of coordinates, if you craft your search queries properly. But that requires some effort and thinking. These groups however either just keep linking galleries and posting the addresses and coordinates, or just plain out offer RAR archives with KMLs. So if during revisits you find classic places suddenly closed up or secured otherwise, this may be one venue this is coming from.
  5. So yeah... This is it, my goddamn Moby Dick. It's been a few years I've known of the existence of this place. Research often ended nowhere, since there wasn't much accidental info in imagery giving it away, nor were people at the time open enough for divulging the location. At some point, people kept telling me about renovations (and true, given in retrospect how the floor was cleaned up), so I threw the towel... Until several months ago, new sets from other explorers suddenly started showing in distinct numbers. I think I popped an aneurism the day I noticed. The hunt picked up again. This time, someone tipped me off about Antwerp, and with that it's hard to not stumble over the Wikipedia article. April this year I could finally muster a friend to go along. It's weird, I have a few pals that'd like to do urbex, but whenever it's further than a stone throw away, they're mucking around. Weeks later, more sets start showing up, and I'm like "Holy shit, what did I miss last time around?!" So I sketch up another run eventually. With the same pal, tho. This time, we headed up there in the middle of the week instead of the weekend, and early as can be. We arrived at 5:30 in the morning. No one to be seen, awesome! We walk towards the place, turn into the alley, and lo and behold, there's a couple making out, which set off my friend again. I said to myself that I won't leave with empty hands this time. The couple got interrupted and gave off some puzzled looks, but I couldn't give less of a damn, and they scurried off moments later. My friend was yammering about how they might call the police, but I still couldn't care, bugging him to get crawling. While we didn't spot anyone checking the premises, the thought of it still lingered in the back of my mind and refrained from straddling into certain areas, so the photo haul isn't what it could have been. Seeing other albums, we've missed a bunch of things. While not crucial, it'd have been nice to have seen. Didn't help that any sounds outside sounded like they're coming from within thanks to reverbation. I'm surprised the place is still accessible, considering the amount of visits lately. Also, thanks to Mikeymutt from here and Lenny from Flickr for some late info. Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Chambre du Commerce by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr Rest of the album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cerealbawx/sets/72157655328539152
  6. Nice set of pictures. Did you enter via the graffiti barrier, or was the side door open again?
  7. Yeah, it's still untouched. After finding out that the Chinese still can't decide whether to buy this property or not, I figured to take a second look at this. Turns out that people have been recently gone in and out, so I guess it was my turn. I took my chances, because I didn't have any information about how to get in, but when I got there, the access point stared right into my face. Which makes me wonder why it hasn't been closed up yet. I was sneaking about alone for a while, suddenly creaking stairs were heard. Hiding in the neighboring room to the famous lobby, I see some dude running around, without any gear. Sweating bullets, he spots me, but turned out that he was another photographer. After he was done scouting the place, not even in a cautious way, a wild model appeared. Well then. While I was roaming around some more, the two set up in the lobby of all things, plenty of gear, including flashes that probably looked like a contained thunderstorm from the outside. So much for my crawling around the floor trying not to be seen. No one outside, passer-bys or those on the terrace on the other side of the street seemed interested. I suppose an eventual next time around, I'll be doing the bull in the china shop, too. Only thing that bothered me was the damn flower tub in front of the bath tub, that older sets didn't feature (to my recollection, because I had that shot planned out). Hoped for some super shallow DOF shots with my 50mm/0.95, but I didn't want to get caught redecorating. Full album (25 pictures): https://www.flickr.com/photos/cerealbawx/sets/72157652573513356 Selection of what's probably the usual suspects these days: #1 Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr #2 Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr #3 Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr #4 Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr #5 Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr #6 Alla Italia by Mario Goebbels, on Flickr
  8. Some people say that renovations were supposed to start in March, but then again, same was said to me a year or two ago (which was the reason I didn't visit it earlier) and nothing happened back then either. This first weekend of April, someone was in there, everything was apparently still untouched (the sidedoor was open, but not anymore ).
  9. Initially we headed out today to check the Chambre du Commerce, which however failed hilariously, because we weren't bold enough for an actual break-in attempt by prying a door open until its lock fails, so we looked out for alternatives on the way home. While I had the mill marked down somewhere, I've read just yesterday that a big supermarket chain bought the grounds a while ago and is currently building something there, it turned out that they're messing about on a lot further down the road. The mill is still standing... for now, anyway, given how it looks inside. Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr Bowling Mill by cerealbawx, on Flickr
  10. Maybe later this year, when the days are longer, if I have to get in early (or alternatively very late). Hopefully they're indeed not starting renovations by then, because there's already a scaffold standing.
  11. Nice bunch of pictures. I've identified the place rather quickly and gave it a try today. Got greeted by security. And it seems renovations are planned.
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    Lycee V

    The relevant news regarding that: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-30840160
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    Lycee V

    Earlier today there was a shoot out between the cops and returnees from the Syria war in the street and the one next to where that school is located. Consider the police being on edge for the next few weeks or months. Same goes for the people living there. Seeing strangers packed like a mule mucking about may make them call the police. Any encounters with authority may not end as chill as one might expect.