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  1. Thanks for the comments, this was my first morgue visit, im glad i got it done, was very eery in there with the green light and bushes banging against windows. didnt think it was as trashed as id been lead to believe either.
  2. Thanks for the comments, The extension here is ugly i thought, very out of place. a good chunk of it was being demo'd, haha smoke detector still beeping upstairs yeah.
  3. Visited this as our last port of call on a day out in surrey, This place is really stunning but very stripped out. A nice lil mooch all the same, Seems they are on the ball here now, with a lot of rooms locked up so didnt get to see everywhere, Built in 1876 by Ernest Seth-Smith for his elder brother Charles, incorporating part of an older house on the ground floor, in 1898 the house was sold to Sir Charles Tennant, wealthy industrialist and patron of the arts who, aged 75, had just married his 2nd wife Marguerite who was to bear him 4 children. The main Tennant property was in Scotland but this house appears to be an out of London house for entertaining, Surrey becoming very popular at the time. The brewery owning Charrington family owned Broadoaks from 1911 to 1946 when it was sold to the Ministry of Supply. In 1948 it housed the Army Operational Research Group and was in military occupation until 1996.
  4. My first report on here, This place has been done loads, i finally got round to dropping in while in the area... Originally St. Peter’s Hospital was built to serve casualties of the Second World War, The mortuary was built in the 1940's on the edge of the site. However after extensive redevelopment of the site, the mortuary was found to be too small to cope with the increase in cadavers. This mortuary was shut down in April 2009 and moved to the new building which is central to to main hospital
  5. Hey, Im from bedfordshire, quite new to photography im learning as i go, I love architecture and decay, mostly into hospitals and industrial sites but always up for any explore..