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  1. looks interesting, any background story to this place?
  2. very tasty bit of metal work there, nicely shot
  3. Been waiting to see some decent photos from this place, nicely done and well lit!
  4. great review, got myself one, obviously not so good for light painting but it stops me bumping into things :jump
  5. love this kind of grimey decay nicely shot!
  6. The highlight on our Northern Road trip, visted with SX-RiffRaff, cheers pal for the driving ,after a rather noisey and quite a painful entry on the man gems, we got in - and what a treat! The lower levels where live, with signs of squatters in one of the lower rooms, with a working TV and Christmas lights (was tempting to stick them in a window;) ) there's about 3/4 main courts, but 2 being too dark to photograph, many other rooms, with secret passages staircases leading from the holding cells to the courts above. one of my favorite places so far! so yeah, here's some piccys =) Took this on the way out, just before we headed to a little cafe for breakfast, needless to say she was shocked to hear a kent accent this got a tad hairy, when a pigeon decided to sit on a rafter right above where i was climbing the ladder Thanks for reading! More on my flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mperryphotography/
  7. First of all, thanks to those who made this possible, and those who set up the tealights visited on a few trips with several friends and met a few down here, been waiting to go here for a while now and it still amazes me to how big this place is! Short Brothers plc is an aerospace company, usually referred to as Shorts, now based at Belfast, Northern Ireland. Shorts was founded in 1908 in London, and was the first company in the world to make production aircraft.[1] It was particularly notable for its flying boat designs manufactured into the 1950s. Due to the company's success, and the increasing number of seaplanes being produced, larger premises were clearly needed, with ready access to the sea. At that time, seaplanes were taken by road to Queenborough, then loaded onto lighters to be taken to the RNAS seaplane station on Isle of Grainto be launched and tested.[13] In 1913, an 8.4 acre (3.4 hectare) plot of land by the river Medway about 20 miles (32 km) away at Borstal,[13] nearRochester, Kent, was purchased from a Mr. Willis (a local councillor), and the planning and construction work started.[14] By early 1915, the first facility of what was to become known as the Seaplane Works was completed: No.1 Erecting Shop. As this and the No.2 and No.3 shops became available, the workforce moved from the Eastchurch factory, No.3 shop being completed in 1917. A long concrete slipway was constructed from the centre-line of No.3 Erecting Shop to enable aircraft of up to 20 tons weight to be launched even at low tide.[14] ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Brothers it was also used as a shelter in ww2, and most recently a company called blaw knocks brought it and was used to build/store parts for road paving machines! anyway, pictures =) Thanks all for looking, More on my Flickr; http://www.flickr.com/photos/mperryphotography/
  8. Visted With Phill, Les, Ben, and myself, we arrived a little late to the proposed meet-up, because we got breakfast - omnomnom we managed to gain access via the wrong grill. but never-the-less, armed with a map and a compass we made our way around, Starting at cathedral we followed our noses to the smell of a fresh bbq, to see a pre-lit foil tray with no food but never mind! we plodded on, after speaking to two people who stayed over night.we attempted to get to the northern section (as we thought this was where everyone was headed), so following the map we soon lost track of where on the map we were, so vaguely following north, we somehow ended up going around 4 times and thought lets try and get back to catherdral and start again, so we plotted and pondered and eventually we turned up, about 1-2pm just as everyone finish a group shot as was on their way out, so after a few minutes to get our breath back and say our goodbyes, we decided to head back to the entrance and head to the northern section once more. So after a few twists and turns, over a few falls, we still got lost, but suddenly we saw a sign! a big square tank, after looking at the map, it sure was a eureka moment! So yeah after that we didnt get lost again, but on the way out we ended up getting trapped in the dead routes once more and could find the way home! but needless to say, we're alive! Also thanks to Phill, Les, Ben for lighting up the tunnels, and inviting me along! Anywho, sorry to drag on a bit, but here's some photos =) Thanks! Please check Out my other photos! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mperryphotography/
  9. Another building full of unique features from the sunny plains of Belgium! Alot of what you dont see, is either missing or trashed! the offices were torn apart, litter everywhere, but it had nice bits here and there..... anyway, here's some photos
  10. So after failing to get into somewhere, we spotted this close by, its a dentist with a nice little house next to it, just a little video some faces in here so no names please!
  11. Another one of my old reports, but i thought no point gathering dust in my hard-drive! Visited several times, with SX-Riffraff, Myself, and someone who i wont mention. politics beside, this place is vast, and i mean huge, one of the biggest places i've had the change to see, every turn was filled with dusty metal goodness, by the time we came out it look like we had be down a pit! great fun, few cheeky people shots, lots of lovely run on words, hot slags for example Anyway, here's some photos - Excuse the bad editing, this was a while back when i thought this style was cool P.s the sunbeams are all natural ! WHY DO THESE LOOK SO HAPPY? TONKA TRUCKS ANYONE? Oh and btw If you want more there's plenty on my flickr! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mperryphotography/ Thanks for reading!
  12. A small farmhouse hidden away up a little lane in the middle of Belgium, My first opinion was ranged between disappointment and Curiosity, From the outside it didn't look promising, Simple 4 walls with no out-standing features, but until i stood inside my mind was quickly changed. Visited with SX-RiffRaff, and SpaceInvader. Warning, this report contains crusty pussy hehe
  13. Just a little thing ive decided to start, basically Stick photos of your normal explore setup, (obviously hide the naughty stuff ) Im sure this thread will help out new explorer's and also just to showcase any fancy things you may have stashed! Well i'll the the ball rolling shall i? Here's my gear, Stored in a Lowepro Flipside 200 ......................................................................................... LED lenser P7 (Torch) 1200 lumen CREE LED (Torch) Nikon D90. 10-20mm sigma lens 50mm 1.8F Nikon Lens. Yongnuo RF-603N x 2 Wireless Flash transmitters. Yongnuo Speedlight YN560 (Flash gun/light) Shoot Wired Timelapse Remote 4 spare AA batteries 4 spare AAA batteries Sandisk Extreme 8gb Memory card Nikon 4gb memory card (backup) First-aid kit Compass Maps, notes, and urbex jottings. Manfrotto 785B Tripod. Generic Cheapo 3 finger Mountain bike gloves In the side pocket i have a old soft sunglasses kit, which contains all my night/dark photography equipment including; Smoke pellets Sparklers Wirewool Wirewool spinny device Matches Lighter LED glowstick ......................................................................................... And a picture thanks for reading! Please leave your feedback bellow and show us your gear!