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  1. Nice one chief. It's a nice drive over from Preston and there's a shitload more abandoned places over here so I can make another trip of it
  2. Stunning shots mate. I'm currently in Scarborough but without my gear otherwise I'd have been trying to get in. There's a sign on the door however that warns of Security patrolling inside. I don't know if that's true though.
  3. Holy shit man. I take my hat off to you for mooching in there in the dark. Especially on your tod. I could have the tightest arsehole in the land but would still require a drawstring to stop any poo escaping if I did that on my tod. Have you done Miley Tunnel yet?
  4. I've seen that pic on another forum and I must admit it gave me the chills. Whittingham after dark was a pretty creepy place. Especially the old Hall. I remember doing LED light orbs stood on the stage, I had a feeling that I wasn't alone on that stage and couldn't wait to get off and back with my fellow explorers. Another place that is long associated in Preston with being haunted is Miley Tunnel of which I've posted a report on within this forum. I went through it with my dad and I felt absolutely nothing and saw or heard nothing. Not even rats!
  5. Man! I would shit major brickage!!! How the fuck did you get out alive?
  6. After Eights. Only problem is mint can cause a laxative effect and I become a bit of a minty shitter. But it doesn't smell like mint...
  7. Howdy guys and girls. Talk of the paranormal is usually ridiculed in these circles but have any of you experienced anything weird and creepy whilst on an explore? The only creepy thing I can think of on any of my explores was an old brewery in Lancaster. There was me, Scrappy and BB mooching about. We entered the building near the roof and made our way down to the basement taking pics as we went. However, nearing the end of the explore we clearly heard footsteps on the floor above us. If I remember rightly we made sure we weren't followed in and we covered the access. So by rights, there was only us 3 in the building. It was enough to make me feel spooked and was quite happy to get out of there.
  8. Stunning mate. Absolutely stunning. I love them DoF shots.
  9. Any pics are better than no pics my friend and you got in there. Much respect on that one buddy. I'm keeping my eyes on St Joes's Orphanage at the moment so if you fancy a bash at that I'd be up for joining you.
  10. Nerves would've got the better of me and some cloth-touching farting would have been taking place! I take my hat off to you.
  11. Considering that's a new camera you were using and getting used to the settings, those pics are stunning mate. Nicely captured fella. :thumb :thumb
  12. I'm surprised Scrappy hasn't posted this one before unless he posted it as Preston Odeon. Excellent work on getting in though Urblex. I believe it's an absolute bitch to get in and then as you said, the dust looks horrendous. The Clouds entrance would lead you into Evoque or whatever it's called now (I'm an old bastard who rememebrs it as Tokyo Joes). Not sure whereabouts you would end up in there but you'd want to get out sharpish
  13. Those are amazing. Nice one for posting them as they could be used as a possible map for first timers in there too.
  14. Please tell me this place is still standing!!!! Phenomenal!!!!