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  1. Thanks people, felt good to share a fresh location.
  2. Designed by German Herr Erich Heidrich for the 1929 Paris Colonial Exposition, later it was re assembled in Yaaaaaarmouth. It is one of only two remaining roller coasters where a 'brakeman' is required to ride with the train, to control its speed as there are no brakes on the track. It is the second tallest. (70 ft ) and fastest (45 mph) wooden roller coaster in the UK. (Score Wikipedia.) If you are thinking of visiting this make sure its dry. It was really slippery in the wet so came back when it was dry. This would be a very easy location to lock down, so please be careful and desecrate. The rest of the set will be on my Facebook and Flickr
  3. Peterborough District Hospital Closed in closed in 2010 when the new city hospital took over. In some places there is already a high level of decay. It didn't have as many interesting features we were hoping for. Highlights include the autoclaves in the basement. Large water tank on the top floor. The huge pile of keys. The swimming pool and the gym. We wanted to check out the morgue but there was building work happening right outside.