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  1. Whilst staying in Sheffield and visiting friends, myself and my other half (who also on here, god know what her name is) had a spare couple of hours t kill. We had a quick look around the outside of George Barnsley but with the time of day and being mid week it wasnt do-able so we had a quick drive up the road and spotted this place. History In 1898 two brothers, Charles and Joseph Hampton, left the family business 'The Steel Nut and Joseph Hampton Limited' in Staffordshire, to go to Sheffield and set up their own business in Attercliffe. Their partnership was called 'C & J Hampton'. Shortly afterwards Charles and Josepth fell out and Josepth returned to Wednesbury. In about 1900 the two sons of Charles, Horace and Charles W. Hampton joined their father in the business. When C & J Hampton became a private limited company on the 14 May 1908, their premises were located at The Eagle Foundry, Livingston Road, Sheffield. It was at this address one year later that the Record trademark was registered in the Trademark Journal. From 1909 to 1930 their production consisted of engineering and woodworking vices, G clamps, T bar sash cramps, floor cramps, pipe cutters, Stillson wrenches and lifting jacks. By 1912 the company had relocated to a new factory on Ouse road, Attercliffe, Sheffield and in 1929 Charles Hampton died and his two sons Horace and Charles W Hampton became joint managing directors. The company moved to Bernard Road in 1936 and again, to The Parkway Works Sheffield in 1963. In 1946 the Record Tool Company Limited was formed to protect the Record brand name. In 1963 Record Tool Company acquired an equal 50% interest with William Ridgway in William Marples and Sons Limited. This is when Record Tools moved to the Parkway Works, Sheffield. On The 29th of September 1972 the company merged with William Ridgway to form Record Ridgway Tools Ltd and was made up off 14 UK Companies with 5 overseas companies. 1982 saw the takeover of Record Ridgway by AB Bahco of Sweden. This arrangement was short-lived, and a management buyout was announced in 1985 returning the company to British ownership to Record Holdings plc. In 1998 the board decided to accept an offer from American Tool Corp Inc. trading as Record Irwin. Think this particular works closed down sometime in the early 2000's
  2. Myself and 5 other explorers met up on what was a typical bank holiday weather, pissing down with rain we all made our way over to the first explore of the day. History One of the last remaining family-owned pottery firms is to close after more than a century. J H Weatherby and Sons in Hanley is currently being run down and is will soon cease trading after 109 years. Its chairman, Christopher Weatherby, the great-great grandson of company founder John Henry Weatherby, today blamed cut-throat competition in the hotelware business for the firm's decline. At its height the company employed 200, but the figure was down to 50 at the turn of the year and now stands at 10. Mr Weatherby said: ‘‘We have decided to cease trading and are in the process of finishing off stock and things like that. ‘‘Basically we've decided to close down before someone else forced us to – while we are solvent rather than insolvent. ‘‘It's really upsetting. One of the main reasons is for the employees who work here. ‘‘We have had two or three generations of people working here and one of the things I've found warming is their reaction to this. ‘‘They have been very sympathetic and understanding. Everyone who works here has been very happy here.'' The company was founded in Tunstall in 1891 and moved to Hanley the following year. It first made domestic ware such as basins and ewers, later moving into tableware and giftware. The firm also entered the market for hotelware – leading ultimately to its downfall. Mr Weatherby pointed to tough competition from home and abroad for the company's current problems. These included pressure on prices owing to ‘‘block production'' and the concentration of the business in relatively few hands. The 59-year-old added: ‘‘The hotel part of it was more fragmented. That has been changing and it's relying on more standard patterns.'' Mr Weatherby admitted the firm had even considered importing cheaper products from abroad, but was deterred because of the high volumes needed to make the operation profitable. This route was controversially followed by another failed family firm, James Sadler and Sons. Although the Burslem-based family firm went under earlier this year with the loss of 140 jobs, James Sadler Imports Limited continues to trade. Mr Weatherby also partly blamed a planning issue dating back to the early 1970s, which ‘‘blighted'' the family firm and restricted investment in it.
  3. Felt alittle out of place seeing local people with webbed fingers and calling each other mr and mrs (aka brother and sisters) good day out and good set of pictures there Mr Punk
  4. Some say yes....... Cheers for the welcomes, Will be sticking one or two reports up soon, just doing a mini world tour of England with miss stig (not really her real name but some people like to keep there I D safe  ) so what out lol
  5. Myself and the missus did a recce here begining of August before actually doing the full on explore of the whole site, in the time of 3 1/2 weeks, the blooming metal thieves have been and taken one of the 3 metal morgue slabs
  6. Well about time I spread my wings and explain my world some what Hello there and how is everybody? Some may know me from other sites, its me, the same old idiot who goes by the same name popping along and saying a hello
  7. Waves 2 fingers and shours "sod off" lol lol Cheers for the welcome everyone
  8. Hello all, think most of you have seen me around the usual main forum which i will not say incase i get boo'ed or hissed at lol, but for them who hasnt seen me around, im based up in Newcastle, been into exploring for a good few years and done a few well known sites, as well as the main trip last year over to Chernobyl and Pripyat, and also done a few sites over in Sweden as well.