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  1. I didn't renew it after a year was up as I didn't like rate the one I was using, so it's now gone, might do another when I get chance.
  2. I'm not sure of the actual name of this place as it was just a random find en-route to somewhere else, couldn't quite make out the sign and any paperwork was less than helpful. Still it turned out to be half decent for something i wasn't expecting, looks like they made generic random wood tat for tourists, some of you might have some still lying about. I'm guessing they closed down around 2011 judging by the callenders. Security Cactus Sweet little offices on the top floor Workshops .. .. Stores .. ..
  3. Nice pics, it's worth saying this is permission for anyone who is thinking of visiting.
  4. Nice to get away from the dull and wet UK for a couple of days, and visit some of the islands derelict offerings in the sunshine. Central Térmica coal fired power station was built in 1958 according to a design by the Spanish architect Ramón Vázquez Molezún, the plant was closed in 1991/92 after a new modern power station was opened in 1986 only 10km away. Enjoyed this very much hence the image heavy report..... .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  5. One of my favourite places i've been to this year and show's the uk can still come up with the goods. Good stuff mate, and glad this has gone in non public, did you set the alarm off ?
  6. Checked this school out on a bit of a whim with a non member whilst doing something else in the area, we wasn't sure what to expect having not done any proper research on it, first impressions weren't good as it's looking very knackered outside, however inside it was a real treat, heavily boarded but despite this what light there is inside was spot on and seemed to add to it making it really photogenic, hence the overkill on the images (sorry) Mucho dead pigeons and their shit everywhere but to be expected the length it's been shut. The School was opened in 1913. According to Kelly’s Directory for 1914 “Easington Colliery School for boys, girls and infants when completed will have cost £21,000 for 1296 children; average attendance 320 boys, 310 girls and 325 infants. However further records show that the sexes were separated with the girls’ school opening 2nd March 1914 and the boys school, a year later on 26th May 1915. In the separate schools the seniors were upstairs and the younger ones downstairs,The boys building was at the top of the bank separated by two yards from the girls’ building which was further down the road, nearer to the colliery. Each department had its own yard with outside toilets. In the senior boys’ yard was a special building,tucked in the corner for woodwork with a matching one for cookery in the girls’ yard.** This arrangement continued until 1938 when the “New School†(always known as this even when it was about to be demolished in the 1990’s) was built. This building was between the colliery and the village in an area known locally as the ‘Waterworks’. The Schools closed mid 90's from what i can gather. .. .. .. .. .. .. Cheers for looking
  7. It can't be, not everything has a blue tint oop north. It's usually grey.
  8. Yes bro some wicked brocations man. Send me the broordinates. Is this in wales ?
  9. Woah steady with the old sliders ! it's easy to fuck up a decent photo with over the top HDarghhhhh.
  10. Cool little independant cinema in the backstreets of Belgium, despite the fact it's had a bit of a kicking and a partly collapsed roof it was a nice little spot. Visited with Oldskool and a couple of non members. .. .. .. Cheers for looking