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  1. Nice mate. We had a wander round the main building but didn't spend anymore time there. Did u notice all the beehives?
  2. Mate u captured the whole place beautifully. For some reason I didn't so much bother with externals for some reason. Pics are amazing and really do show it as it is.
  3. Thanks guys. Still loads to do i missed a lot a think but time and other factors were against us. Oh well revisit sometime
  4. Fort Burgoyne well where to start. Attempted this one a few months back with no luck just wandered around in the dark for a few hours trying to get down into the moat. Anyway we gave up and i decided it was time for another go. So with the assistance of my brother in law Andy( he has yet to be christianed with an explorerers alias)we set of into the darkness. Now i wont take all the credit for entry as i did have a few pointers a few months back from Wevsky and Space Invader. Cheers guys. So anyway we got into the moat after about 40 mins wandering around and then proceded to try and find are way into the fort itselfs. After a bit more searching we found what looked like our way in so off we went. Alot of climbing and heading off in one direction to find it was the wrong way we found ourselves overlooking the parade ground. Jackpot. So here we go with some pics, there not great as im still practicing and the last few are taken with flash as my camera batteries were dying. brand new duracells too lol. Well anyway here they are Thanks for looking
  5. Ok so this was a lucky one and i mean lucky. Completely unexpected so completely unprepared so excuse the poor pic quality. Torch was dying and so were the camera batteries so all done on flash and very quickly. But hey i got in so i dont care lol. Bit of history, Esplande, (Athol + Guildford + Trevanion) is the lowest of the Dover Castle tunnel levels that we know exists, it is possible that foundation level is beneath or to the side of esplanade, but it has not been proven to exist. And some pics Thanks for looking
  6. and thank you for adding me space invader i really did feel left out lol
  7. surprised u can remember how fast we were going steve it was vey late
  8. Noahs ark arp tunnel explored with SilverFox late one night on a return trip from folkestone. Have to apologize for lack of tunnel shots the ols camera wasnt really up to the job. Bit of history pinched from Subterranean History This tunnel was originally dug to carry a water main, but extended at the beginning of WW2 to provide shelter for over 800 people in the Tower Hamlets and Combe Valley areas of Dover. It runs straight into the hillside behind Noah's Ark Road and slopes gently down to Combe Valley, with a total length of over 1,000 feet. It is concrete lined throughout with blast walls near the entrances and rows of toilet cubicles in recesses off the main tunnel. The tunnel does not seem to have had many recent visitors, and is therefore in a clean condition and there is interesting WW2 graffiti to be seen. And now some pics... Thanks for looking