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  1. I think the worst thing I've found was when exploring Abney Park Cemetery, There was a part that was really quite different to the rest and when I got closer I realised why, some sick twisted scum had gone through the childrens part and trashed the stones but even worse, they'd pulled a few coffins up ripped the lids off and done there business in the coffins, leaving them open to the elements and it really disturbed me.
  2. I used to work for canon so have a fair bit of knowledge on the 7D, It's an amazing camera that's recently dropped massively in price. If i were you I'd probably go for 2x 16gb cf cards, Main reason being if your going to use the HD movie then the faster cards will help. The other reason is that CF can get corrupted pretty easily and the higher the storage the more likely it is to get corrupted and possibly lose all of your images. I personally have the 16gb card in my 50D and use one in a 5D they seem to work absolutely fine speed wise. In jpeg you'll get roughly 2000 images and about 1000 in raw on a 16gb. Hope this helps, if you need any info or advice the please just drop me a message and I'll help you out
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys!! It's really nice to be here
  4. Epic shots and splore!! My niece and nephew were born there and I can't believe how different it looks now compared to 16 years ago!!
  5. Hi everyone, Just wanted to take a few seconds and say Hi. The forum was recommended to me by Lara as she knows I love this kind of thing and can't wait to get out on a proper splore!!