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  1. Thanks mate. Yeah I was very surprised. Strange really as the immediate area around the edge of Slough is quite affluent!
  2. Thanks mate. Yep it’s worth going that way. It’s quite a way for me but shout me if you think of anything else round there!
  3. Thanks Mate, it makes for a change from the familiar whiff of rotting suspended ceiling tile in an abandoned office environment
  4. Lovely. Another one that I’m well overdue doing. Nicely decayed and really lovely lighting
  5. Good to see you back about dude, looks like you have been busy!

    1. Landie_Man


      Thanks mate! Yes I have! It’s been a case of letting things build up then having to deal with massive backlogs, a long distance relationship, four classic cars and a full time job!!  But I think I’ve got it all under control for now at least. 


      I defo need to get some more exploring done. Hows you mate?

  6. That really is lovely! I need to get to Belgium. Ten years of exploring and I’ve never made it here and that’s not acceptable!
  7. It was the saviour really for this one. Lovely to hear it ticking away again!
  8. Thanks mate. The mossy room was really cool. There’s obviously a lot of water coming in from somewhere!
  9. Thanks mate! I’ll try not to let a big backlog build up
  10. Wow! Beautifully decayed with so much stuff left behind. Proper decay. Love it! I wouldn't worry about noises in a place like that, its going to be full of creaks and groans a big industrial site like that!