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  1. Hi

    Ive just joined as I'm an avid reader of this site. I live in North West London and am a keen photographer with an interest in WW2 and Cold War fortifications and structures but am a novice explorer. I'm hoping to connect with people in or near me to further my exploring. The photography I've seen on the site is amazing and a lot of the shots pass as fine art. You guys must make large prints of some of your work as it's truly beautiful and only improved by being printed and framed. My only exploring experience has been local air raid shelters and the French town of Oradour-sur-Glan. A large shelter in a Mill Hill park was opened by local kids who wouldn't go in. I did and found an amazing shelter that went far underneath a semi rural open space. I planned to return the next day but found the council had not only closed it permanently but collapsed it, ruining the chance to explore forever. We would gladly drive and transport anybody local who is up for a trip. I've spent endless hours looking at photos here and really want to be a part of something this important as so many sites are disappearing at an alarming rate. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work. 

  2. Welcome and great to see come out guns blazing
  3. Not seen this place in a while and grabbed some quality shots there [MENTION=309]Perjury Saint[/MENTION]
  4. Another nice set and location there. A good level of industrial decay going on
  5. A very nice set of shots there [MENTION=262]mookster[/MENTION] and good to hear the day turned good for you
  6. A cool selection of locations and shots there [MENTION=262]mookster[/MENTION]. Fav is of Trestle Bridge
  7. Hello Lies, welcome to the forum Tho dont speak Belgium a quick right click and translate resolves all so feel free to communicate in what ever language you please as not an issue
  8. Hi Ianthé,Welcome and good to see you joinig the forum
  9. Hi and welcome on the forum. Make your self at home and get involved
  10. A few visits to various sections over the past few years and thought I may as well do something with the clips taken. It might not link as showing error in linking and to try latter
  11. I think too young when at my age lol cgeff
  12. Thats Quality Mooks and you did yourself proud with this trip over. Mini Pye is looking good and in a cool state of decay. Well captured and thanks for sharing
  13. Thats cool and like the look of that