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  1. This is such a great report. It is wonderful to see sites that i did not know exist and oh how i would love to see this place! Outstanding report and great photographs!
  2. Looks like a damn fine example of a bunker! Loved the photos and i enjoyed your report!
  3. Thank you all for your comments and i am really pleased about how well this has gone down with the community! Again i thank you all and i will have more reports up soon.
  4. That was a great report, I do love my aircraft and the Avro Shackleton MR.3 is stunning. The second from last pic is outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing Would love to see this before it vanishes forever!
  5. That is a really good report sir, nice work! Great pictures and nice write up! Nice one for sharing.
  6. That looks like the kind of place where you could spend a whole day and still not see it all. Mental looking scenes! Loved it and stunning pictures. well done and thank you for sharing
  7. That is such a great little historic find. Your pictures really caught it so well. nice work! I did find the toy and bottle collection a bit strange and by the looks of them, They have been there for some time good report and thanks for sharing!
  8. They seemed to be only concerned with the Tower and the runway, even the MOD police building where the shot with the phone did not bother them. A local told us that the military are there often doing all sorts there and flying a good selection of aircraft, while we were there we saw a Tornado and possibly a couple of F15's were in the air above us while we were walking about!
  9. Great shots there sir, can't beat a good bunker!!
  10. Really good photos and what surprises me is how clear the floors in the corridors seem to be. The piece of art is great as well. Thank you for sharing
  11. outstanding report and i loved the 1908-1944 electrical safety sign. Great pictures and you got in the local press. Good stuff.
  12. The plan was to get picked up by another explorer to go and look at a site just for a recon in the pouring rain with the idea of protecting our cameras with bags and umbrellas and then move on to the real goal which was one of two airbases. Once in the car we decided that RAF Sculthorpe was to be the one with the other maybe being done if we had the time and off we went. For my fellow explorer who went by the name of Kubix_Uk this was to be his first visit to this base, I had been here twice before. The last time had a couple of surprises for the group and today was to be no different! These first two pictures are from my last excursion and i am sorry for the date in the first picture, different camera. The first shows a Firetruck from RAF Mildenhall which was in mint condition. And this thing which had found laying in the grass not far from the control tower This is just small piece about the start of RAF Sculthorpe with a link to the Wiki page that this came from. RAF Sculthorpe was built as the second satellite airfield of RAF West Raynham a few miles to the south, the first being RAF Great Massingham. Work was begun in the spring of 1942 and the airfield was laid out as a standard RAF heavy bomber airfield with concrete runways, dispersals site, mess facilities and accommodation. Much of the construction work was completed by Irish labour working for the construction company Bovis. And the link to the rest of the history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAF_Sculthorpe we arrived at the gate that leads to the runway with the tower and a couple of buildings on the other side of the fence! It did not take us long to gear up and enter and we started to look in the buildings. I did not take many pictures of the inside of these building as we were busy looking around however Kubix_Uk decided to make a phone call on the phone we found in the middle of the floor! We moved on through the buildings we found this room which i found impressive One thing that Kubix_Uk found interesting was the amount that was left behind like this wonderful switchboard. Hidden in the corner was a smaller version. The floor was covered in paperwork and glass and who knows what else but we did find this really interesting. So after a good study of the map and a cig we decided to move back outside and see what else there was and head to see the firetruck by the tower, we passed this section of the building hidden at the back so we decided to have a quick look. most of the space was taken by whatever this was so we got a couple of pictures before moving on Kubix_Uk noticed this And so we left these buildings and aimed for the control tower. That is when we noticed movement outside and using the cameras zoom this is what i saw as we walked closer i carried on using the zoom to confirm what i had feared when i first saw them.........MOD! in this case possibly the army! For some reason that i simply do not know, i just carried on walking closer and looking back on it i know we would be caught but i felt we might be able to slip under them as it seemed they had not seen us but on close inspection of this picture it is very possible that they were waiting for us to get closer before saying hello and clear off! As we got close to the tower i was more concerned by how many cars were hidden behind the control building but i should have been more concerned by who was watching us. A Sergeant came out from some tree's and walked towards us, we were told that we should not be here as the area we were in was for training and that we would have to leave. After being told to move on and feeling fortunate we still had our cameras and SD cards we went to look at the accommodation blocks going with the idea that we were out of the area mentioned and as such should be ok. The strange thing about Sculthopre is that the whole base looks disused including the tower so it is easy to make the mistake we did! Although i think these are two different buildings but they look the same both inside and out. We were more interested in simply looking than taking pictures unless we saw something as the buildings we entered were trashed in a bad way! looking out of the window gave a sense that i have felt many times while on excursions which is one sadness, these buildings were built to serve a use and now that they are no longer needed they are left forgotten for the most part. After we had gone around a couple of the buildings we decided to start to think about making a move and having a look at the other airbase nearby but sadly i had to return and call it a day but i am sure that Kubix_Uk would be up for visiting the other airbase soon! There was no red tea pot to be found this time so i thought i would finish this report with these two pictures It was a great day even with our encounter with the MOD and certainly a laugh. I hope you have enjoyed this report and again, if there is anything i could have done better then please let me know.
  13. best thing is that this report is better than the one that went up on 28DL. I added more pictures to this one and it is a bit longer! I am pleased with it and now i have cracked how to get a report up, more will be sure to follow!
  14. We left the city quite early to head to what i thought was a ROC R3 ROTOR bunker that was not too far away, I was wrong on both counts! So there we were, four explorers fueled with nicotine and coffee on the road armed with cameras,tripods and enough light to blind any low flying aircraft that might be flying over head! I have no doubt that there are reports on here about this place but this is a bit of history of it from Wiki for those who have not seen it! RAF Bawdsey was an RAF station situated on the eastern coast in Suffolk, England. Bawdsey Manor, dating from 1886, was taken over in March 1936 by the Air Ministry for developing the Chain Home RDF system. Wikipedia The radar site lies about 600m. from Bawdsey Manor itself along the top of the cliffs going in the direction of Shingle Street.Apart from the radar scanners which were above ground, there was a large underground command center built in the late 1950`s. It incorporated an up lit radar display showing the whole of South East England and on which would have been projected any aircraft.Around the walls of the command post was a gallery with the status boards of all the fighter command and other RAF airfields in the area.The command center was self-supporting for a limited time and included living quarters, and air filtration to make it capable of operating during nuclear attack Wikipedia The first two pictures are from google images and the first shows the most of the base from the air And the second photo shows the type 86 Radar in use sitting on top of it's plinth And now the plinth is all that remains of the radar and the base had two of these. At this point the bunker was the unspoken goal of the excursion so we made a bee line to the entry point. This was when i noticed these pads which i later learned were for the Bloodhound SAM Once in we were looking down in to the darkness and for me i really did not know what to expect so we moved down the stairs One of the first main features we saw was this which was part of the air filtration system, This was the first real indicator of the size and age of this bunker for me as i had no real knowledge of this site! A closer view at the large fans. The view past a set of reinforced doors leading in to the rest of the bunker At about this point i encountered another explorer who appeared at the far end of a corridor like this one with a few touches and started to walk towards me so i got the rest of the group to join me in facing whoever it was! Turned out that he was know to one of our group so he joined us from there on! This picture was of some kind of plant room but i could not tell you exactly what it was for but i did find myself thinking about what it must have been like to be working in there with everything running! One of the interesting things that i have always found when i visit sites are the things that are left behind. When we found this switchboard i found myself thinking once again about what it must have been like in here with an officer connecting calls around the base and off site. What to do in the event of a....... We continued our excursion deeper in to the bunker finding rooms like these which gave little to no clues as to what they were used for. A few rooms that gave no clue what so ever! These two rooms being prime examples. I would think that this told the bunker crew information on power output for the radars or indeed the bunker but that is just a guess, for some unknown reason i quite liked this, ! I did not see it at the time when i had taken the picture but when i showed a friend he could see a man, as soon as he said it i could see it! As we were leaving we past this which we had past on the way in without even noticing it but the funny thing for me was that it was still full! We continued to make our way out of the bunker. Once outside this was the view in land from the base and what a view it was. we decided to have a quick look at the guardhouse. A quick look at the dog section and i found this on the wall which made me smile! And on to the WW2 bunker and the first signs that there was or used to be something there was these. So we made entry to the second bunker of the day. Although this bunker was much smaller than the one we had just left, it still had things to see even after all these years, I am guessing it was something to do with either power or heating for the bunker. Not that the current occupants would need it! Now i must stress something at this point, This was the original entrance to the bunker but should any future explorer see this post and decide to visit the site, do NOT use these stairs as they really were in a really bad condition, in fact it would be safer to simply jump as although it would not be a nice landing it sure beats having the whole stair case follow you down which was what it looked like it was ready to do at any moment! After managing to get out of the WW2 bunker in one piece which i admit i did have some doubts about, we felt that we had been here long enough and saw what we wanted to see we decided to make our way home! So there is my report on RAF Bawdsey and this also marks my first report on Oblivion state! I hope you enjoyed it and if there is any improvements then please let me know. Take care to you all and regards from the one and only seeker1701 I felt i could not end my report without this....
  15. I seek the forgotten places! That is the sole reason for it! :-)