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  1. brilliant set of pics there! chapel win!
  2. i love this thread.. seem strange i was recently thinking of doing a personal photo project on doors!
  3. welcome along, seen some posts on the facebook page of yours
  4. i must come over there, one heck of a splore holiday!
  5. amazing place to be left to roam around, nothing no where near like this in the uk
  6. sure looks like it could be a brilliant place to have a mooch about!
  7. very good set of pictures there! nice explore
  8. wow, who would have thought thats underground, looks like a good mooch for sure
  9. i have never seen this.. but looks absolutley brilliant and the press reports make it even more interesting. good job!
  10. there is something about shooting film that really intrigues me, the shots are so much different compared to a digital point of view. nice load there
  11. superb bit of info there SK, just make sure your intentions are clear and most importantly dont carry tools! much less of a chance of being arrested or police being called if you have them on you