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  1. So trams are a touchy subject up here at the moment but here is the old school tram depot which was later a bus depot and repair center for Lothian buses. Not much left to photograph unfortunately! There was a pitch black tunnel underneath one of the factory buildings with signs of vagrants, lots of single shoes and drugs paraphernalia... it was just too dark to capture! Impromptu 'splore and no tripod = fail! I'd appreciate if any Edinburgh & surrounding area explorers could get in touch, be good to tag along with some folk! Cheers.
  2. Jeez, one wrong move and you're a goner! Poor wee lad, just puts into perspective how dangerous what we do is! Such a waste of life.
  3. Went a bit crazy with a well known paint stripper in a previous life and the names stuck every since
  4. Loving the New York ones! What a place... wouldn't fancy getting caught over there though !!
  5. Cheers for the warm welcome guys! Nice settling in so quickly!
  6. Cheers guys! Decent wee place, the rest of the building was just totally wrecked... the changing rooms etc weren't even worth photographing. Shame!
  7. Took a trip down to the Durham swimming baths a couple of months ago with a non forum member. Seems the asbestos was stripped out in 2008 after it had closed and has been left to rot ever since. It's clearly in bad shape and a frequent hang out for graffiti artists and UrbExers. It's been reported loads before so I wont bore you with too many pics. Obligatory fire hose shot
  8. Evening chaps (& chappettes!) Been browsing the forum a bit and like the feel and vibe of it compared to other sites I've been on! Not gonna lie, seen some of Baron's Belgium pics, amongst others, on Facebook and they were sublime which brought me here! I've not been able to find a group of explorers up here in Edinburgh but seems like a few of you guys are from around the central belt? Wouldn't mind getting to know you's better and starting to tag along next time round. Happy to travel and what not. Anyone able to point me in the direction of the folk up here that are friendly enough to welcome a 'new' explorer? Would really appreciate it guys! I've done a fair few explores up here and in the North East of England which have all been covered in depth before but have a list as long as my arm! Keep up the good work guys, in awe at a lot of the photos! Cheers for the help, Nitro