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  1. After a fair amount of searching online and an early start, we were on the way to this beautiful location. It was even more beautiful inside with lots of nicknacks and things to see. No history on this one so I'll just get on with the photos - these photos are a mixture from 2 visits. Starting upstairs, there were a few rooms with this one being the most photogenic. It even had a hat and coat on the back of the door! Going downstairs and into the sitting room, I was surprised with the amount of bits and pieces that were still about. This shot might've been set up slightly ...and on a windowsill... Thank you for looking
  2. Some great shots here, I like the one of the lightbulb with the reflection of the clockface! I need a revisit here at somestage.
  3. No I didn't want to get on the roof either because it was raining, but I also wasn't sure how strong it was - I didn't fancy falling through it! Haha thanks, I went back not so long ago so I've got those photos to go through and edit now too
  4. Got some nice shots there! Nice to meet you (I was the girl in the black beanie and green hoodie.)
  5. Nice one, glad you found those books in the attic! It's a right timewarp up there. I should crack on with editing the shots I took here BEFORE Christmas!
  6. Thanks very much, all! I saw a recent report where the library was open, so it seems like you're right about that one. I felt a bit bad that I enjoyed exploring here when some pupils had a horrific time when this place was in use. I could've easily spent more hours in this place, I probably would've if we weren't so incredibly creeped out by the end haha. Thank you We thought it might've been soundproofing, but why was it needed...? That's what got us the most, I think. That the unthinkable happened in that very room. Thank you, much appreciated
  7. Thanks all! The other shots I took were quite similar to the ones above and I didn't fancy repeating myself. I'll remember to take more varied photos on the next explore I go on
  8. Great photos! Looks a lot more intact then it was when we went and we only went a few months after you! Sorry to see this one go... I was planning a revisit
  9. After being picked up in the morning by 3 non-forumers, we made our way down south to our location (it was the first of 3 we had on our histlist for that day). Despite finding our original access point wasn't so accessible, we looked around, soon found another - and we were in! Thinking we'd seen a PIR (but in reality, it was just a red light) we proceeded to look around with caution. As you already know the history, I shall get on with the photos... We felt really uneasy in this corridor, almost like we weren't welcome and unwanted. After discovering a room with a door that was carpeted both inside and out, we headed to a different part sharpish! Maybe it would've been different if we hadn't known the history before we came here... After we'd got back to the car, I remembered that we didn't see the swimming pool or the library, and suddenly realised we didn't know where the library was or even if there was one (thought it might've been in another certain manor). After a quick phone call to Skeleton Key, we considered going back to find the library and the swimming pool. But because it was raining, we decided against it. After getting back home, one of the people I was with said she'd tried to open a door but it was locked - it turned out that was the door to the library! Thanks for looking! The rest of the photos can be found here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jesstified/sets/72157638255419335/with/11158264356/. Also, massive thanks to both Skeleton Key and Nelly for their info
  10. No, hence the "Not that it'll be any surprise" at the start.
  11. Not that it'll be any surprise going by recent events, but Red Dress Manor has new boards up and there's no access at all. Gutted my hope's fading I'll ever see it before it's completely trashed.
  12. Great shots! Really sad to see it go downhill though, it's a stunning building.
  13. Thanks very much! The link in my original post didn't work, this is where the rest of my photos from the trip can be found - https://www.flickr.com/photos/jesstified/collections/72157631746057973/.