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  1. Awesome, I was thinking more moonraker than starwars. But im sure it was a mission in its self getting there and back.
  2. It has been mobbed by idiots alot last year, the big mirror is smashed along with many window, walls and any glass inside. But that's mostly round admin
  3. This one is always going to be my favourite mill. Been many times and still enjoy the mooch round. Nice shots, btw, and one that still has many good shots to be had.
  4. Nice place, love the ceilings. Very golf bally looking, is that for sound deadening do you think.
  5. Hi, i'm Irishmanlost or IML for short, new to here but not new to the urbex scene, for those who don't know me i'm from northern ireland and i've been at this for quite a while and covered quite abit of ireland as a whole. I've also been to scotland for a couple and a few bits in england but would love to get over to do more. I enjoy all types of explores but prefer the natural decayed ones more than the abandoned trashed ones. I do, do HDR but a light version. Well enough of the ramblings. Now to see how to post the reports.