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  1. Nice one! I did this about 5 years ago now. Even with 3 separate 6v portable light units and a LED Maglight it would have been better illuminated by a candle in my case. That place just swallows light! Great pictures BTW.
  2. Good one for getting out there and doing it. Any preservation orders on the chimney or will that be felled too?
  3. It was ages ago, being honest! I had actually forgot that I did a second visit to this place. It was due to a recent report being uploaded is what brought it back to memory, back viewing through Photobucket.
  4. Shots look good. Its still nice to see the lab so untouched, this can only be due to its location. I think a good time was had by all
  5. Hey UE chums, I wont spin one out for here as almost all of you will have seen this place in person or have read several reports about it, so you'll know it well enough. For our friends over the water a quick Google will bring you up to speed on the history and disposal scandal attached to this place. I did this on my own and this was my second visit to the site, the first being back in early 2008 and its changed A LOT. I've had these shots a while and not done anything with them until now. Ive put a recent (ish) date down as I cant remember when it was done. 'fast decay' how very true Excuse all the B&W, wanted to give it a try on this one Thanks for stopping by Barracuda.
  6. I quite liked that site. Good day Sir, I SAID GOOD DAY!
  7. That's brilliant. Any idea what brand of Lorry was built there?
  8. Fantastic. For some strange reason I think the graffiti suits the tone of this place, normally I hate the F'king stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  9. No, can't say I've had and dreams about urbex. A few nightmares though.
  10. Fucking lol at the Asbestos blanket. I'll take my chances with the fire, thanks all the same though. Doesn't look too bad on the damp front down there.
  11. You don't see many of those old Mk1 Orion's these days! I had a few sportier versions way back in the day and they went well enough but just fell to pieces in the end. Surprised its still there along with the XR4..........The 'Ford tax' for these 80's models is massive these days. Meaning they go for big bucks on Ebay and the like. Great find, thanks for sharing.
  12. An area I know well! Welcome in.
  13. I see belts, lots of belts. That's true engineering. Great stuff, I enjoyed taking a peek in here.
  14. That place sent a shiver down my spine, not one for Dentists. Thanks for sharing your shots.