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  1. The convent was built in 1870. It was used for the last time in 1994. Because of dwindling numbers of Nuns and Mass attendees, and rising costs of maintenance, the decision was made to sell up and merge with Sclerder Abbey, near Looe in Cornwall. In 2009, the Chapel caught on fire and was destroyed. Arson was never proven, but never ruled out. Thankfully, only the chapel was damaged by fire. I have lost count of the amount of times I have visited here. I only ever managed to get as far as the burned out church. The rest was sealed tightly. Recently the convent was acquired by Chichester Free School. I managed to get permission to visit at last. Permission has taken about 12 months, mainly due to the Govt Education Department getting involved, making sure I would be insured to visit, etc. A painfully long process but hey ho, here now! There is now 24/7 security onsite and it's heavily alarmed, so not worth trying!! It's not as ornate as I'd hoped but still a very attractive building. It seems that the chapel was the most ornate part. The school wishes to keep as much of the original building intact thankfully. Part of the chapel will have to be demolished as it is beyond saving. Alfred Cheeseman. Cheesman & Co were the building contractors. They owned a brickworks at nearby Bosham. Thanks for looking
  2. What a mess Didn't the children who smashed it up realise that they had a cool place to smoke weed and play pool? Instead of smashing it, why not try and enjoy it? Or is smashing things enjoyable?
  3. Yeah we went to Haslar, caught before we'd even attempted the fence. But secca man told us about it. Then we visited and it is true. And the rusty gates at the front have been replaced by a heras from when the fire engine drove through it I think. Wooden gates still fine though.
  4. Yep I also fell down those steps on my first visit. Nice pics. That white cabin was set on fire a couple of weeks ago, I was there at the weekend
  5. I watched something years back with ex burglars. I'm sure they said that the only way they had found that sort of works was to use a heater to raise the temperature of the room gradually to above body temp, making the person 'invisible'. I've not tested it as I don't fancy carrying a heater around! But that's PIRs, not motion detectors.
  6. Nice. I've always wanted to see inside one of these. An old bloke told me that in the 60s, when the gas level was really low, the gas company would pay people to sit on top to increase the pressure and squeeze as much out as possible. Madness!
  7. Gorgeous place and lovely pics too!
  8. Nice one! I'm a Bury lad, always wanted to get in there but never found opportunity
  9. Sad to see, but sadder to see these babies left in jars. They should have been buried or destroyed after abandonment. Nicely shot though!
  10. Nice set. Love those brick moulds, I missed them on my trips