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  1. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    Spotted this one the other day whilst picking up a customer,went back today and got the picture.Got talking to the owner who said he bought the house back in the eighties from some builders who had bought it from Mr. Button.Legend has it that although only an off licence he was not averse to selling a glass or two and an escape was possible through the garden should the local constable turn up:D Taken in the Somerset villge of Coleford an old coal mining community Also got this one from Bath,it's interesting as it has the company that painted it name at the bottom company name
  2. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    Moving out of Bath for a bit here's a couple from Bradford on Avon plus a fairly rare RAC sign
  3. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    you mean this one (photo taken July 2011)
  4. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    Some of the ones in Bath are very large indeed or have been overpainted with a new ad
  5. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    Another one from Bath,this is on Livingstone road
  6. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    It's on Princes street left hand side past Francis hotel
  7. OS52

    Ghost Ads

    Two of my favourites from bath and detail and on the same street to the right of where I took the above is this
  8. Salisbury plain august 2013
  9. A visit to Imber is always tinged with sadness for the people who were forced to leave by the MOD in 1943 never to return.A history of the place is to be found here http://www.abandonedcommunities.co.uk/imber.html The big house couldn't get in due to guard on the place sign on wall The pub Farmhouse farm building Unknown building outbuilding
  10. Cheers for all your greetings chaps,fortunately I'm not a footy fan but I do enjoy my cricket.OK Nelly I'll have a rummage through the archive and see what I've got.
  11. This is a good link for anyone trying to trace old routes locate old buildings and so on.It's the first edition OS from the 1800s and covers the whole country,use the little box in r/h lower corner to drag the page fairly rapidly,it even shows gun batteries on the south coast at Brighton before it was called Brighton, warning very addictive....... http://visionofbritain.org.uk/maps/results.jsp?xCenter=3303053.6514776&yCenter=2967305.3591133&scale=63360&mapLayer=nineteenth&subLayer=first_edition&title=Ordnance%20Survey%20and%20Ordnance%20Survey%20of%20Scotland%20First%20Series
  12. What ho chaps,just a quickie to say hi.I was directed here by his Nellyship and was known as oldscrote in another place.