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  1. Hello all! I have an explore ready and organised with a friend of mine but we were trying to work out a cover story for us being in the building with our cameras just incase the security catches us. I looked into the legality of it and just started to think, although trespassing isn't a criminal offence, can you still get locked up or fined? Has anyone hd much run in with security guards or shred some information on this subject to help a brother out? Kiesco
  2. So, after my not so smooth introduction to the site, I thought I should say hello to all! Looking forward to my first urban exploration that I'm currently setting up. Can't wait to get going and reporting back to all! Keep exploring!
  3. Sorry guys, didnt realise it was so taboo to just ask. Ive used google but it just says coleshill and i dont know coleshill so didnt want to waste a journey. Yeah I'm new to urban exploration but I know most of the ins and outs such as don't break anything, leave it as I arrived "take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints" and don't break my way in. Just wanted to set up my first exploration and make sure I've planned what I need. Cheers for the feedback though guys!
  4. Awesome pictures! Wanna check this place out and possibly st Edwards boys school too. Any chance you could private message me the address or how to get there because I have searched many forums and sites but can only find coleshill and no address. Would love to explore this place!