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  1. great find that, it looks an awesome place. I cant imagine how long it would take to read through but i bet it would be intriguing
  2. looks bootiful this place top pics mate
  3. I'm always up for a visit here, it's a grand old place and i like it a lot. :-) if you want some advice take a hard hat to put on when you stop to roll a fag maniac pmsl
  4. lmfao i remember that we could smell an incense candle burning and followed our noses im sure he was hiding in the wardrobe, i'd av shat me fooking pants if he jumped out lol
  5. top stuff mate, been trying to find the exact location of that place ya never know if i do i might bust out the camera for a few snaps i aint done nothing for ages exploring or photography
  6. whhhhhhhhaaa lol i remember seeing the video ages ago my sides were splitting
  7. thats is a rather awesome collection i must say
  8. nice 1 dude, ive been out to play too
  9. totally awesome can you imagine what that would look like if it was over here, piky monsters will be in there like a shot great pics as always mate thanks for sharing them with us
  10. cool still aint bothered to get off my arse and see this place
  11. had to have a double take then fat wreck on tinternet yay!! oh and cool pics dude nice 1