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  1. Wow that place looks stunning! great set mate!
  2. Jesus, that place is fucked now. Glad I got to see it before all the stained glass got wrecked. Nice shots sir!
  3. Hi guys, I haven't been on the forums much recently (been busy mostly with my new born, but some of it's laziness) but thought I would give you guys a heads up. We were at Sev's this morning for a silly o'clock start and after a 5-6 hour mooch about and on our way out we got busted by Michael accompanied by a Police Officer. Now we had a good chat with them both and they were friendly enough but it turns out the NHS has been getting pissed off with people getting in, so now it seems the cops will be called out every time security thinks they are in the building so they can run name checks (due to people using 'Mickey Mouse' names) and search anyone caught. So I was informed the NHS are looking to make an example of people going in. The Police let us go as they didn't see any reason to take it further their side however we were informed to expect a letter from the NHS with a possible civil prosecution. How I have been lucky enough enough not to get caught in 4 years but everyone's luck runs out some day, but getting accused of breaking and entering and tearing down the water towers palisade fence was a bit nerve racking when you know you haven't done anything wrong. I get the feeling the NHS are trying to pin anything which happens on the site to anyone caught. We will see what happens. This might be nothing to some of you but I though I would let people know that Sev's might not be the easy ride it has been regarding security any more, hats off to Michael though, he was very fair and very professional, and after a bit of a cat and mouse game I felt very good at his job. Anyway just a little shot from the day:
  4. I was thinking about checking this out this year, this was also used as a film location in The Fades which was on BBC3 a couple of years ago. They trashed it up quite a bit then as well. They used quite a few derp locations though, St Joseph's Missionary College in Mill Hill in one that springs to mind. Nice pics!
  5. I was using different stops ranging from f11, f8 and f4.5 usually. I think my problem though is relying too much on auto focus. I was using my 6d down there which is great for low light, but in pitch black the AF is no really any better than my entry level Sony.
  6. I might pop down again, want to try and shoot some videos rather than just photos for next time. That and I do need to practice shooting in the dark, my shots are not as crisp as they could be.
  7. Aye this place is great! Though considering this is a very local explore for me I still kick myself I missed out on Cane Hill Oh if I could travel through time!
  8. This was the second time we popped down here, the first time we had a quick mooch about and proceeded to fanny about with wire-wool! This time was no different, however we decided this time to first document the place, then find out what it's like to stumble about with no lights on before a bit of light painting and wire wool lark. Was a bit of a mare trying to focus down there and being pitch black and me thinking that some water droplets on my lens was just glare from my torches most of my pics didn't come out as planned. You can probably still see some slap dash editing on some shots to clear them up a bit Visited with Mrs Beef, 1 of my regular crew (soon to be a member!), Stoozy and 2 non members. History http://www.simoncornwell.com/urbex/projects/chb/history/index.htm 1. 2. 3. (sorry shameless self promotion ) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  9. Nice pics! This place has been on my to-do list for a bit now.
  10. Loads of old papers there, got a few shots of them, that was the best of them though as it screams 1940's
  11. Cheers guys, sorry not many 'big picture' shots of the place, architecturally it was pretty standard, the stuff in the place made it though. Outside looked good but felt it gave the game away. The name I gave it does that anyway as it was pretty news worthy not so long ago. *edit* that and don't fancy letting this on out until planning permissions are cleared, so far they are all falling through.
  12. Well I will probably be trawling through a LOAD of old stuff, and will most likely get a combined report of the 17 times I went to West Park (I had an addiction to that place). So will get loads up soon I hope.
  13. I think I will probably make a new one for my exploring to be honest, don't really fancy splattering my name around the internet I will get on that soonish. In the mean time I just had a welcome on the OS facebook site, so all details will be there....for now.
  14. Not much on the history without giving this one away, this one was simple a house full of crap, looked inviting from the outside though (though no photos as it gives away access)as a fair bit of ivy was really trying to pull the place down and inside was all sorts of really old newspapers and other artefacts from the war era. This was an interesting way to spend a short time after work. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.