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  1. I'll definitely keep an eye on it! Been following the forum for a while now, but because I live in Glasgow without a car going to find anything has been difficult! Only found derped out places back home in Argyll. Poltalloch House out there is gorgeous but doesn't even have a floor in most places! If I find anything I shall report!
  2. The Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow is due to shut this year due to the opening of the new Southern General Hospital. I was wondering if anyone knew how it takes them to fully secca these places up, and if I'd have a chance to get a wee mooch around?
  3. Thanks for the tips, I'd thought of some of them but knew it would be worth asking! The Scottish right to roam is very handy indeed, especially back home - which is very rural so there can be some interesting finds in the middle of nowhere!
  4. The research is definitely interesting! Spent a while on a old farm house, got there after being chased by a particularly angry sheep, just to find it freshly boarded and riveted shut but onwards and upwards!
  5. Thanks a lot, appreciate the help! I'll get researching
  6. As a complete beginner who has spent hours glued to the screen looking through posts online, and without asking anyone to reveal locations (as even I know that's a no-no!), I was wondering if anyone has any advice on finding splores? I've been using google maps, aerial photos and the buildings at risk register but nothing much has appeared! Maybe it's time to buy a car and just go for a drive!
  7. Ultimate fantasy splore would have to be Hogwarts! Think of the things you could find haha. Either that or Loth Lorien from Lord of the Rings.
  8. That's alright then! Thanks a lot, everyone is so welcoming on here!
  9. just need to find some like minded people to go out and discover with!
  10. Brilliant, thanks a lot! Already found some useful stuff
  11. Newbie here, always been captivated by abandoned buildings and places you're not supposed to see. Hopefully I can pick up some tips from everyone on here and get out there myself rather than reading about other peoples explorations!