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  1. Wow thats one seriously creepy looking place, its great
  2. Wow, thats a bit noice!
  3. Thats really beautiful Tim
  4. Gorgeous set of pics babe, nice to see some externals
  5. Lovely pics there chuck really need to get to this place not Ive been to its big brother, love it
  6. ooooooer Mr Powers Naked in a pulpit, surely theres laws against that
  7. What a flipping fantastic place! Some really good pictures there PS, an inspiration for my visit
  8. I love your pictures Tim, always a pleasure to look at!
  9. That's a real strange place, bit spooky !
  10. Bloody hell mate, that place is fantastic! Brilliant!
  11. I bet that was a beauty in its day, thanks for sharing
  12. What a place! I'm glad to see it hasn't got much worse
  13. No picture of the Tapioca, has it gone? Lovely set though chuck! Thanks for sharing
  14. Bloody hell, did you polish before taking those pictures, a clean deep if ever I saw one, very nice
  15. Thats a real nice find! Some nice pictures there chap