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  1. brill write up! So funny. And I love the look of this place, nice one
  2. Love this Scrappy! Great shots
  3. Welcome myself and Scrappy are based near Preston. Just keep your eyes open - we are lucky in the North West for urbex!
  4. Good evening everyone, it's been a while! Now this place drove me and a few people half crazy when we were trying to pinpoint its location. But we persevered, found it, and boy it didn't disappoint.. Well maybe a little at first haha, but after the mystery of the missing items (most of what you will see in the shots) was solved everything was hunkydory. (AFTER SOME DRAMA LLAMA) A beautiful cottage slap bang in the middle of nowhere - it would have been a delight to live in with the rolling hills in the distance, if a little isolated from society. Just how I like them! So Scrappy and I set off, wellies packed and rambled over to Cloud House. I'll be honest. There were no Clouds, but river running though my boots house doesn't have the same ring to it. Nor does Gust house. Anyhoo, on with the pics Now... how do I put pics on this thing.... Hope you enjoyed Katia x
  5. Awww I missed the morgue too!! I think a revisit is in order.. Great shots PS!
  6. This was my favourite site on our recent trip... That wallpaper!!! lovely shots, you did the place justice
  7. Gorgeous shots and super location! Well done
  8. this one has seen better days!