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  1. Hi! I want to show you one huge factory. This factory made a lot of stuff, from preparing ore for further usage to papers for wraping ready products. Opened in 1949 it was abandoned completely just maybe one year ago. In administrative part they still have guards and dogs but we were lucky. This is maybe only one fifth of the factory. Thanks for your attention!
  2. Good day mates! I have some new material for you. Some weeks ago we visited the factory that made fireproof bricks. The history of this factory started after the war but the factory grew more and more. The production process stopped in April 2015. Now the factory still has guards and a lot of equipment inside. The factory is gigant, so be prepared for a lot of photos. That's all, thanks for watching!
  3. Hi everyone! This is one of the factories that we visited in Budapest. Armour factory was built in 1891. It made guns and small machine guns. They tested them on the same territory. During the WWT and after the factory produced many different things except weapon, lamps, gas-heating equipment and even pots. In 1995 the factory came to private property. In 1999 the factory took a big loan but couldn't manage to give it back. In 2004 it was banned for international weapon orders. The factory became a bunkrupt and 240 people became jobless. All equipment of the factory was sold for tiny prices just to get any money. Now this territory belongs to neighbour farmacy company. Now it stays without guards, but with good fence. In two buildings there's some life. Thanks for watching!
  4. Hi! From me today a piece of Hungarian chemistry. The chemical plant was built originally in 1876, produced and produces now a lot of types of organic and non-organic materials, industrial and service chemicals (chlor and hydrochloric acid, bleaches, clues, many pesticides). From 1968 to 1987 it produced tetrachlorethylene, and waists from this production were buried right here on the territory as well as phosphorus-containing waists. They were contained without any security, old barrels were broken. Not to let a fire begin (it would be really a disasterous fire) in hot weather workers poured the barrels with water. Because of that a lot of poisonous stuff went to the ground. In 1992 on the plant there was a heavy explosion, three people were injured. Only in 2005 the city became seriously interested in the problem of pollution. In 2008 the company became a bankrupt. Formally they still existed but in reality nobody was to clean the territory. The factory that now uses some buildings on this territory was fined several times. In 2011 European Union paid some money for devastation but the majority of money was stolen. The government didn't want to sell this territory because of some fear that some company could buy it for tiny money but wouldn't clean anything. Only in 2015 2800 tonns of poisonous chemicals were removed from the factory. Inside it smells like hell, impossible to be there more than an hour. Quite unpleasant place to stay but interesting for photos. This is all, I hope you'd like it!
  5. Hi mates! Today I have for you some photos from one abandoned brewery in Belgrade. At first photos from the roof. Inside the buildings there is nothing interesting but the basement is awesome and very big. Actually we went there for making some art photos, so I should apologize for many people on them. And this is the photo of my friend with me like a model. This is it about brewery but not about Belgrade:) Good luck to everybody!
  6. Hi everyone! I didn't write anything for a lot of time and now I have a lot of information for you:) Today I want to tell about my journey to Hungary during which we visited a lot of cool places. One of these places is Facanos complex in Budapest. The complex of buildings as known as Fasanos was built in 1850 in neoclassical style. The architect was Jozef Hild. The complex and territory were called so because of the big number of pheasants nearby. The first buildings were made for an order of one soup maker before 1850. In 1850 they desided to make the complex bigger, and Hild projected a summer hotel (Horthy villa now) and a restaurant (bigger building). During 19th century the complex widened to the whole resourt, baths and pavilions were built. In 1880 they built the maid house (first house that we saw). They had big plans for this resourt but economical situation was bad and they only reconstructed buldings in 1918. The Horthy-villa house was used like recreation rooms. Before WWT the complex was occupied with Royal Hungarian Army. In 1939 Hungary opened its borders for Polish refugees. Hungarian army put into the complex Polish officers. In 1944 Fasanos was used for gestapo but the headquarters were not there but in the neighbourhood. After the war Fasanos' owners were Ministery of internal affairs. They put there the college. From 60s there was a school for frontier guards. In these times the complex changed a lot, old parts were rebuilt and they became not so beautiful. In old look stayed only the maid's house. It was separeted from the main territory. There some poor people lived till 1984 when it was abandoned. The main complex was abandoned in 1990. It's unknown now who owns this territory. Many companies wanted to reconstruct Fasanos but the lack of money was the problem. In 2000 it was an attempt to reconstruct Horthy villa. During the reconstruction they found remains of old, first walls that meant that the look of the house was changed in these years a lot. The complex in 1866. The maids' house. 32 years of oblivion. The restaurant building in 1920. And now. This is all, but I hope I won't be lazy to write cause I have a lot of places from Russia, Serbia and Hungary in my archives. Thank you for watching!
  7. We have just the same place in Moscow! Stunning!
  8. Hi mates! I wasn't there for a long time. The beginniing of 2016 was really rich with explorations. And one of the places was a working magnesite mine in Chelyabinsk region. I was there two times but this time we managed to reach the lowest horizont on minus 320 meters. I had no tripod and my camera became misted so pics are not very good. Transport descent. Tubs without any railmotor car. Abandoned part is full of water. On the right you can see a tube from which a lot of splashes release. So that's all thanks for looking and have great time!