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  1. great set of photos...makes me more envious i couldnt get in on my visit due to the "wandering caretaker" in the grounds...another visit seems like a good plan before it gets ruined! any essexy/suffolky OS planning a trip need a gopher to share the petrol costs with gimme a shout please
  2. sorry but like every forum I have ver been on I always want to post a question that doesn't seem to fit a category I can see!! anyway of posting a report and or solo photos WITHOUT. using flickr or photobucket? I don't want either! btw tried the app and it froze too much so ditched it
  3. I have my own website mainly for portraiture and few landscapes. I am updating it soon and adding an Urbex page of some sort! www.macspix.co.uk I also have 4 Facebook pages that may be of some interest or not! mp photo gallery has my landscapes Urbex and general photos on it! graveyards of Colchester is very new and does what it says in the tin! macspix portraiture gallery is self explanatory! so natural magazine is my magazine to promote kids without makeup! ( something I strongly believe in ) feel free to look n like
  4. some new developers want to stick loads of houses on sevs site soon! http://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/10776260.Builder_in_talks_for_Severalls_Hospital/
  5. been on the facebook group a few weeks...about time i dropped by the forum i guess!