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  1. Explored...laughed...spiked...and battered with my besty Perjury Saint.. beep beeep beep!! its 4am time to splore!! a text comes through "" OI T**T get up! Time to coffin Dodge!" x ......... We have both looked at this one for a year or more and ummed and arrged at it...a 50 ft wall surrounds it...rotating razor wire on every access point..spikes topping all the walls...major drops..plus on the doorstop of an extremly busy area..but neither of us were going to settle until be gave her a really good bash.. after negotiating the wall we slowly tiptoed across a very snowy slippery ledge with a " dont look down " drop and hay prestow...its coffin time! you either look at it and do it... or just walk away,,,today the was no walking away.. Inside needless to say it was incredible completly fasinating...it was pitch black when we got in and to be confronted with two coffins was rather spooky to say the least... the history is just amazing with coffins being made here for Lady Diana and sir winston Churchill.... This explore was just brilliant with fab company as always..cheers Tink! On with the Pics... And after all that sploring my keeper watches over me while i sleep.......
  2. Ive had this buzzing about in my head for such a long time and it was beginning to nag at me so wellys on and away we went...The pics below are actually two seperate mills one just around the corner from the other...and both proved to be equally facinating..in outstanding surroundings...they have literally been left to let nature take over... the folk just shut shop and went.....as you can imagine we bimbled about in them for the whole day saying " look at this" over and over again... before we knew it darkness was upon us and time to leave the Mills behind us...PS did his usual stealth mode exit by camouflauging him self with the overgrowth and calmly walking past the houses unseen...as i managed to fall trip and generally create enough noise to wake the dead landing in a desheveled heap.. i raised me head to....... " Have you seen the beavers" in this broad welsh accent...i looked up and said "errrr no" ......." Deary me i think you should come in and have a warm,,il tell you all about them.." ...... i gathered my stuff together brushed my self off and declined the beaver offer.... Another ace splore with PS...
  3. Part of the brummy adventure...the place is pretty trashed but still holds a few nice bits and bobs... and used as a police dog handling ground now...splored alone ..well untill the dog handlers arrived hope you like the pics..
  4. We all know and love this place so thought ide throw a few of my little pics up ..ive left the big angles out ..splored with Ps as always a memorable weekend in many ways..especially the magic mushrooms on the motorway.. hope you enjoy the pics... After doing PS,S head in with my tourettes all day i decided to irritate him more by seeing if he could drive with welly vision....... His answer was..."it looks a bit weird anyway, not sure i should of eaten them mushrooms i found in the grass at barnsleys, like pretty stripey car lights"...big grin,,.... Happy dazzzzzzze!
  5. Part of our Brummy adventures took us here..very iconic in its day but rather a state now and development has started..but it was the end of a great day with PS and we passed her so thought it rude not too really probably the best part of it was being shocked by a massive security man hiding in the undergrowth...who very kindly escorted usthrough the gates.how releived was i! the thought of the 10ft wall was not appealing and PS starting to worry about another kick on the swede from me was dawning in his eyes...not many pics but if stuck at a loose end worth a peep...
  6. Better known as GKN Screw factory in the heart of the ever lovurley Brum splored with PS as always a brilliant adventure exploring the rat run of never ending tunnels under neath her...highlight of the day was with out a doubt turning roung and seeing a monkey dangling off a rope and even more so PS knocking him self out..yip! And Finally the Swinging Monkey
  7. MAISON RADIO Maison Radio..snugged away on a quiet little road..lived a radio fanatic...and what a fanatic he was a little house rammed full of radios and communication devices...unfortunatly we didnt get the pleasure of visiting very long as we had a wild belgium lady hot on our heels hope you enjoy the pics..PS will tag his on ...
  8. A selection here from one of our Adventures over seas last year A couple of days zooming round the abandoned country of belgium:) It never ceases to amaze me the amount of empty places in this country..thes just an abundance of it.. from manor houses to chateauxs factorys to trains..a bit of everything to please most.. my favourite are always the little houses..i love them!! ... ive put together a few from the places we saw over two days ... 1000plus miles...millionplus rollups...trillionplus coffeess...and a billion laughs As always with Master Perjury Saint.. Driver of the green Pea..The Map Keeper.. King of major Episodes when dora (the sat nav) gets us lost.. and escapist extraordinaire On with the pics CHATEAUX DAH.. OLD IRON... LlITLE GREEN HOUSE PRITZKER UNI MARTINI INSANE CEMETARY HOLY NURSE AN ORPHANAGE... COUTURE CHURCH ABANDONED MAISON CASTIAFORE FARM PATERNOSTER TRAINS... OH...AND THE MISSING HEARSE
  9. my kids where seriously worried by the lack of decorations and presants as usually its piled everywhere and all done!!! dam place!!
  10. awwwwwwwwww lully!!! fantastic shots!!! ( bastard place lol..xmas was almost late in my house because of this!! lol )
  11. lol we had about twenty mins max not long enough for me ! i wanted to look at all the radios!
  12. I Know...i know...its been a while..Ive definatly not been in retirement ..just a very busy bee last year and spending time on the forums just didnt seem to get squeezed in... After a poke n a prod off PS i thought it about time i whacked a report up....so here you have it...NKPS "Spinning Wheel Tour 2015" Farm 1881 Yet again i find my self sat in the green pea heading south towards the boarder with my co pilot and partner in crime PS.. We boarded good ole P & O and with in a few hours we hit foreign ground..We had about 9 hours of light and a list of places too see before darkness fell and our ferry back so it was "Mission on!!" coffee by the bucket.. roll ups by the dozen... and match sticks keeping our eyes open off we went....one of the places we wanted to see had been named farm 1881.. An odd place tucked away on the edge of a forest...i really dont think that i have ever been inside such an intriguing house in my life... little rooms tucked away on different levels that can only be accessed by ladders..and jam packed full with the strangest of oddities.. from the macabre to the down right bizarre... Anyways...less of me rambling on and on with the pics..Explored as always with perjury Saint and a crazy belgium buddy Stijn Brands... These are framed photos ...they are called photo keepsakes...made around the victorian era typically out of memories to the person whos face is cut out and put into the frame with real hair jewelrey ect... Death Masks..made of wax and wrapped up in newspaper stored in a box amongst other macabre items.. This young man served on the vessel Algerie..below you can see the top of the ship Comfirmation Day for a very important little lady PS will tag his pics on to this ...
  13. Katies House was named after the little girl who told her daddy about this place great set nice to see something different from here rather than the sammey shots all the time
  14. fantastic! ive never really fancied this...but seeing your pics makes me think...wow! its really lovely and all the tiny mosaics! i would have to camp out here and watch the sun rise..i bet thats fantastic..thanks for sharing this
  15. hay!! hi there and welcome i really need more germany!! so look forward to your posts
  16. i was actually lucky enough to discover this beauty a few years ago, and reported on it..its a few miles from me. When i went it was like they had just gone out for tea lol...i look at it now and it actually appeals to me more but thats because im not a fan of clean cut places...However ..its a big shame that the place has been left to be stripped and vandalised..some pics are below so you can compare.. https://www.facebook.com/ninja.uekitten/media_set?set=a.107076999421146.5709.100003565389269&type=3
  17. wow!! thats bella !! as they say in italy!..i need to get myself out there
  18. great report...i named it house of tears when i bought it back to the table a couple of years ago..i thought it was a good name lol cheeky!