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  1. I can find absolutely no history behind this farmhouse at all. Save to say, it's a six bedroomed possibly Victorian dwelling attached to a defunct farm.
  2. Black Shuck is the East Anglian name for a devil dog said to appear on the highways and byways of Norfolk and Suffolk. Said to be a harbringer of death.
  3. Thanks Shadda, very nice to be here at long last!
  4. Thanks for the welcome Nel. Seems a great deal friendlier here!
  5. Thanks everyone, great welcome and good to be here.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Black Shuck as you may know or not know. I have been using a variety of Fuji Finepix Bridge camera's for Urbex for the last 5 years. From a tiny S1000fd when I first started, through an S100FS, then a S200 EXR, and finally now a Fuji HS20 EXR. As you may all know, these camera's are ok and have a huge fixed lens capability, for example's sake, my HS20 has 28mm to 720mm. I face the a bit of a dilemma, as I feel I am ready to make the move to my first DSLR, possibly a Nikon 3100, with the bog standard 18mm to 55mm kit lens. I understand that the DSLR's picture quality will be much better as the sensor size is larger than a Bridge Camera, but I am worried that I'll end up missing the huge zoom capability of a superzoom bridge camera. The other option is Fuji's Finepix X S1, that combines a larger sensor than the HS20 which uses a compact sized sensor, yet rated at 16.9 mega pixel. The X S1 has a large sensor than the HS20 but combines it with a 28mm to 628mm lens, is still substansially smaller than the 3100!!.... Help needed pleeeeeaasee!!.
  7. Hello peeps, nice to be here and see some friendly faces. I am Black Shuck, you probably know me!
  8. Hell yeah Neil!!! Got to love peely painted goodliness!
  9. The Fletcher Convalescent Home opened on 25 April 1893. The hospital was administered by the Governors of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. The building was designed by E Boardman & Son and is unlisted. It was, however, in the Victorian Society’s 2008 top-10 list of endangered buildings. Absorbed into the NHS during the 20th century, the home was converted into a geriatric unit which closed in 1998. In 1999 the complex was sold for development. Planning permission for its conversion to housing has been granted, but the requirement for some of the accommodation to be affordable housing has proved a sticking point, and this has delayed work on the building for several years. Until a solution can found, the former Fletcher Convalescent Home sits rotting, its stained glass windows smashed and open to the elements, deteriorating with every passing day. A fire, believed to have been started by vandals, recently caused further damage to the structure. A modern hospital for the rehabilitation of the elderly – the Benjamin Court Hospital – adjoins the complex in the west.