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  1. Am really surprised them upper floors are still there and not collapsed yet as when I was last they were looking dodgy as fuck!!! Nice pics...
  2. Am fine mate cheers.......Not much as I've been lazy of late but hoping to get out more once the light nights start drawing in
  3. Top secret? ...should of said "piss off mate,its all over the internet!!"
  4. Nice to see an update from here.... I see the big mound has gone from the entrance,maybe being considered to re-open again when the blue shite (Everton) may get there new ground!!!
  5. I can smell that from here Looks good though
  6. Great to see an update on this place as this area a few years ago was a prime exploring site as you had the North Warehouse ,Grain Silo,Accumulator Tower ,Tobacco Warehouse & the Bascule Bridge to do but there was 1or 2 you couldn't gain access to ..... I take it you couldn't access the Basement area where the walk in safe is?? Pretty cool that was!!! Nice report
  7. Ashworth Hospital is a high security psychiatric hospital at Maghull in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton in Merseyside, England. Ashworth is one of only three high-security specialist psychiatric hospitals in England and Wales, along with Rampton and Broadmoor, that exist to work with people who require treatment due to their "dangerous, violent or criminal propensities". Ashworth was formed from the merger of the old Moss Side Hospital (originally a learning-disability unit once used for the treatment of "shell shock" in World War I) and the vastly more modern and considerably more appropriate Park Lane Hospital, opened as a Broadmoor overspill unit in the early 1970s. The hospital has had a mixed history and has been the subject of two major public inquiries: Blom-Cooper in 1992 and Fallon in 1998. It currently houses some 275 male patients. The old East site of the hospital has been leased to Her Majesty's Prison Service, and is now the location of HMP Kennet. thanks..
  8. Nowt changed since i was last in there... Good to see an update though
  9. Great to see in here and wouldn't mind a nose myself again to be honest but fuck if i'm climbing in freezing cold temperatures The graff downstairs is cool SSA42552_wm by WIMR1, on Flickr
  10. Hello there... Plenty around Lpool if you look and research online although you have prob missed the bus on that one but be careful with the "risky" bit... Have fun.. WIMR
  11. Nice pics them... I upset some bloke in here last time I went as I was taking pics. Turned out to be the bloke who had his pics in the local rag and was pissed off coz he was seeing how I was taking mine with a 10 second exposure and all that bollocks and turned out alright on my screen when his pics were awful. The prick started walking in front of my shots on purpose then -horrible fucker!!
  12. Very nice indeed... Is it true that theirs secca here?
  13. Spot the splorer names on the board in the 2nd pic...