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  1. Seen this on earth, looks a possible to me.
  2. Went there for the first time with chopper today, needless to say I've driven past it before and not noticed a thing. Well now I know ! Took loads more shots but due to not liking flash (too unnatural in my eyes) and leaving the iso low for clarity meant the majority were blurred rubbish. Will revisit and try to get better shots next time. Quite a laugh this but I defo. need to get off the roll ups as the clambering took it's toll on my old(ish) bones.
  3. Hello Nelly,Stussy and starlight, yes, I always have a camera because there's just too many good shots to miss as it is.
  4. Hello SK, thanks for the welcome folks
  5. If in any doubt I personally feel you will not go wrong with a handheld incident meter, if there are several stops difference between high and low lights it's easy enough to average out a usable picture and with digital instantness you'll see the result straight away. A far cry from transparency film. Try it if you get the chance, though I am aware they might be out of some folks budgets, £70-£100 would get a decent analogue or even digital version.
  6. I notice from some posts that tripods get some use here-with the advance in sensor technology do they still fill a niche and is that because folks like to keep the base ISO to as fine as possible? There are some gloomy places, particularly underground but I sometimes think a bit of grain adds the grit to a scene. Thoughts?
  7. Yes thanks, I trust the shopping went smoothly....
  8. I'm a newbie to the modern scene of urbex but this was a childhood normality as I was growing up, exploring old,derelict and abandoned houses and factories . Quite something to see how the interest has spread and developed over the years. We never carried cameras in those days.