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  1. The family and I went on a little road trip in Germany over August. Starting in Munich and driving the Romantic Road to Wurzburg, then on to Berlin. Whilst in Germany it would be rude not to stop of at some derps that I had my eye on. Some of which I have wanted to see since beginning my hobby back in 2010. There were no derps on my list until the second week of the trip. 1st on my list Dr Anna's House. I found this place by searching the internet for a 2 months, about 3 years ago (before it was common knowledge)and wanted to see it ever since, having watched the place slowly deteorate with each report posted on the forums. We pulled up outside Dr Anna's House to find Heras fencing surrounding it, all the yard cleared and builders loitering on site. F**K was the word that repeatedly popped in my head. Once I had calmed down it was of to the next stop. The Air Museum was ok, small and very public with some office forecourt holding a lot of the vehicles. Took a couple of pictures from the fence as I was getting eyeballed by a couple of dog walkers. I began to believe the trip may not bare much fruit. Beelitz, exploring mecca. we arrived to find thousands of people wandering around, organised tours, aerial walk way through the tree tops and the best buildings behind yet more fence with motion cameras, beeping every time I got near the fence. The main pavilion now has on site security. I have never been so disappointed, this was a place I have yearned to see for nearly 7 years and now it was theme park. I suspect if you got there early enough the place would be doable, but a schedule is a schedule Kaserne Krampnitz, I could not wait to see the mural in the Adler building. 10 seconds over the wall, and we got caught by security and chucked of site. It was weird, the security was kind of alright initially, but once we were back at the car he started going berserk shouting at us, and threatening police and fines. I guess he felt safe once in the open. Schloss H, success! Apart from having to hide form a postie for 15 minutes this was a breeze, however I forgot my tripod, and it was dark so the photos aren't great. I was now getting a bit disillusioned by the whole venture and the urge was wavering. However the CCCP Flight School got the old mojo back, stunning building and nice and relaxed. We met a group of Brit explorers in the theatre who were a bit cagey about who they were (nice to meet you) they informed me they had not long been to Dr Anna's House. (How could this be) Apparently it was the house next to the one with Heras fencing. I felt sick at this point, I could not believe how stupid and lazy I had been. Lesson learnt! And finally at little trek to The Beast (I think this is the one referred to as this) absolutely amazing machine, gigantic. and behind a fence be protected by a guy on a moped. In all, not the best exploring trip but the holiday on a whole was great, I highly recommend Bavaria, it is stunning. Thanks for looking and reading, if you made it this far. My Family, sorry CREW! [/url]
  2. I went on a little camping trip with some friends which involved a walk up Snowdon, but the less said about that the better. On route to the camp site I dropped by this fantastic place, an absolutely stunning wonder, great views and lots of stuff to find, It reminded of some Mayan lost world at times. Dorothea Quarry commenced working in the early 1820s, though there were a number of smaller workings on or near the site before this. By 1848 it had become the dominant quarry in the area, employing 200 men and producing 5000 tons of finished slate. Production peaked in 1872 at 17442 tons. In the 1930s over 350 men were employed at Dorothea. Production dropped significantly after the start of World War II and the quarry closed in 1970. Since quarrying ended in 1970, the Dorothea Quarry has flooded and become a popular site for scuba diving (even though there are no facilities provided, and diving is officially banned in the quarry); the unregulated nature and depth of the site has encouraged some divers to overestimate their capabilities – in the decade 1994-2004 21 divers lost their lives in the quarry.[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothea_Quarry The bits I couldn't see! [video=youtube;XLeai_NEGag]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLeai_NEGag[/video]
  3. I was lucky enough to be invited on a little expedition to the Island of Hoo, and whilst there had a wonder around this gem! I was woefully ill prepared for the navigation around the now flooded ground level, with the icy water chilling the old jewels on more than one occassion, but it was worth it. The forts on Hoo & Darnet Islands in the Medway estuary were built on the recommendations of a Royal Commission in 1859. The Commission was appointed because of the political situation in Europe in the late 1850s. The countries of Europe were engaged in a feverish bout of pact signing, with each country anxious to secure as many allies as possible. More info at http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/sites/h/hoo_fort/index.shtml Cheers for looking.
  4. From some recent information I have received, it may be that part of the house is still occupied, but from what I could see there was some cracking bits and bobs in the dilapidated extension.
  5. Trawling the satellite view on GMaps I found this little place that looked a bit run down. So on a bored Sunday morning I decided to go for looksee with my daughter. The property is definitely empty but is under the watchful eye of the local farmer. Unfortunately the house was locked tight but there was some nice stuff laying around in the yard itself. We poked around for about an hour until we heard some dogs barking. I peered around to the front of the property and saw the most stereotypical farmer ever, wellie boots, brown dairy coat, flat cap, side burns and stains down the front of his white shirt. The farmer asked if we had heard the dogs, up to which that point we hadn't, but it sounded like there was a least 3 dogs locked up inside the house. We left the way we came, through the brambles, despite the farmer trying to get me to climb the front gate. I refused as I had visions of breaking it mid climb, and then receiving the bill to repair it. Cheers for looking Mark
  6. After what had must of been a good 24 hours over 3 weeks scouring the internet I managed to track down this place, the moment I found it a day off work ws booked and Le Shuttle reserved. I was a bit late on the tourist bus, and few of the amazing features had been lifted, but still a fantastic mooch. There doesn't seem to be any history on the place, but from wandering around I would say the it wasn't just a residential property. Thanks for looking Video HERE Mark
  7. After what had must of been a good 24 hours over 3 weeks scouring the internet I managed to track down this place. An amazing chateau in France, I was a bit late on the tourist bus, and few of the amazing features had been lifted, but still a fantastic mooch. The star of the video is my dad who is catching the exploring bug. Cheers for watching Mark
  8. Fantastic report! I just found this whilst lunchtime browsing http://www.kentonline.co.uk/malling/news/urban-explorers-enjoy-sneak-tour-48827/
  9. Hope you all have a great time. Was hoping to make it but been roped into work.
  10. Once I got in I found the front door was wide open in to the area where the dog lives, I must admit I had a bit of a panic but it was uneventful in the end. Phew!
  11. I must have visited this place 3 or 4 times in the past few years but have always chickened out at the last minute, mainly due to the resident dog. However after the urbex bus had visited I got an extra boost of confidence and went for it. All in all a pretty relaxed early morning explore. I find it hard to believe that in such a well to do area of the south east a use cannot be found for this place. Plans found in the sports hall seem to suggest the impending construction of an housing estate, albeit an well to do housing estate. The boarding school for girls was opened c 1930. Its numbers grew and other large houses were acquired to house the girls. In the 1980's the Legat Ballet School joined the establishment and in the early 1990's the college was amalgamated with a School from Seaford. In 1997 it had a further changes and is at present known as Bellboys. I really struggled with the light in this place and have fiddled a fair bit with the piccies. https://youtu.be/opIDwc1DJ2E Thanks for looking
  12. Beware some of these are still pretty gooey! Masonic Boys School Bird Des Singes, 2 of these poor buggers laying around when I was there! West Park Mortuary Squirrel again. RAF Newton cat Dog/Fox at Wanstone Battery
  13. Not posted much this year, so thought I would make a summary of my visits. Undertook two trips to europe this year and made some great new friends in the process. Wishing you all and happy, prosperous and adventurous new year. t2020 St Francis Monastery, Portugal Spirit of the West Piscine Mai, France Maison Vanesstea, Belgium Cooling Tower IM, Belgium Petite Ouvrage Welschhof, France (Maginot Line) Piscine Solvay, Belgium Chateau Lumière, France Angus Dei, Belgium The Crypt, Belgium Maison Viron Grain Tower Battery Grain Fort POW 116 RAF Stenigot Picklemens Cottage Maison Grande George, Belgium Chateau Chapelle, Belgium Dr Pepitos, Belgium Uni Liege, Belgium Prison 15H (Womans), France Prison 15H (Mens), France Fan Bay Deep Shelter Dunblobbin (Blobby Land) Aldershot Garrison Reservoir
  14. Cheers, Keep me posted when you are my way would be good to get out with you guys rather than passing ships so to speak!
  15. This was a real nice surprise on our 3G Tour. A last minute decision was made to call in on the way back to the Chunnel terminal, and I am glad we did. No history on this place, but it seems to have dropped of the exploring radar as all the info I can find on the place is from 2012. The house had a great level of rot and decay, and also a nice mix of religious paraphernalia and porn. Thanks for looking t2020