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  1. Looks brilliant. I love the corridor shots from the main building.
  2. Glad to hear! I had no idea! Thanks for the information though. I was trying to make out the green writing but I'm not sure what it all says.
  3. Thanks! I didn't fancy a bath though. Yeah, I read about the metal thieves...
  4. ...Maybe the band turned up late? Will check dates in future!
  5. I'm no expert, having only done 2 gigs, both local venues. But I have found using a speedlite flashgun type thing can be quite effective. Rather than aiming the flash directly at your subject, bounce it off the ceiling or the wall. Using it with a 0.5 / 1 sec exposure creates some interesting motion effects. I quite liked them, but it might not be something for you. These were the first shots I did using these, so it's a technique that could definitely be used to greater effect! Maybe less power on the flash, I don't know. Anyway... _MG_9310 by Adam Browning, on Flickr _MG_9208 by Adam Browning, on Flickr
  6. I walked past a few PIR looking things on the outside of buildings, and those bigger ones you see on the sides of houses as well (not a security thingy expert...) and nothing happened.
  7. Thank you both. 50mm was also with me, but first time nerves / excitement kept me from using it.... I'll get some history, nicked from somewhere else
  8. Thanks! The last time I was there, it was very different (I hope!) I read a few things while researching it about security stuff, I don't know if that is the controversy you're referring to...? They really are! Every room you enter there's some mad pigeon flying into the windows. Thank you both for your replies.
  9. My very first explore... A disused factory in Manningtree. I've seen this place plenty of times on the train on my way to Ipswich, and always wanted to get in there. It was used mainly for the production of celluloid. Some of the site is still active, but it's pretty easy to tell which parts they are. Some building were subject to an arson attack, and I understand a lot of the interesting stuff was destroyed. So the buildings I entered were mostly just wrecked. Now, pictures, sorry for all the fisheye... New lens, got way too carried away! Thanks for looking.
  10. So this was my second outing, explored alone. I only managed to get into one building, I think it may have been a residential one. Nothing in the way of medical equipment, which was a shame... I only spotted one way into the main building, but didn't fancy attempting it alone. Anyway, here are some pics. I don't know if this is in the right category, seeing as there isn't really much hospitally stuff. Hoping to return here and have a go at some other areas, see the bits I wanted to see, seeing as I was born somewhere in there! So if anyone fancies it, give me a shout. Thanks for looking.