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  1. Thanks! :-). Yes, it's awesome :-). @shaddam Odd angles probably due to me walking last of four and the other three chronically being in my shots, so I kept turning around to find other shots in stead of waiting and falling behind :-).
  2. @The Elusive Thanks :-)
  3. Visited with The Elusive and two others. This place was a bit of an odd visit to me. Seemed recently closed, not derelict at all, except for the trashed bits. Thoroughly alarmed and with security nearby, yet very easy to get in. Seemed quite odd to me. Very different from the splores I've done before, and the seemingly instant total trashing the moment of closing very different from back home. I don't really see it as abandoned, to be honest, more of a for the time being not in use kind of place. First time I've been in on setting off an alarm, I think. Fellow splorers laidback enough to go back in. Not me. Ehm. :-) Got some shots from inside a side building, administrative it seemed. And some exterior shots. The number of stones thrown through those windows... :-)
  4. Visited with The Elusive and two others. The Elusive have already posted lots of info, so I'll just post some of my shots :-). Some impressive art work on this ship. The Elusive in action. I thought the colours of the decay itself was quite artsy too :-). Thanks for looking :-)
  5. Thanks! :-) @mookster Had an almost-run-in :-). Saw his car on our way out and got out quite quickly, then saw him in the driveway when driving by, well documented by The Elusive :-).
  6. Thanks, guys! :-) @sk Yes, we did, and it was brilliant :-). I'll definitely do it again :-).
  7. Thank you! :-) Oh cwap. All the flickr links are messed up. I'll fix.
  8. I visited this place with The Elusive and two other splorers. Abandoned hall and quarry, now in ruins and overgrown. Beautyful place. And big. Very different from what I find back home. A very wet, great fun and very early morning splore :-) Thanks for looking :-)
  9. I visited that famous Welsh asylum with The Elusive and two other splorers. Wonderful place, could have been there for ages :-). Just posting some of my shots :-). Thanks for looking :-)
  10. Great report :-). Fun visit :-).