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  1. Just wish I'd been 1) a better photographer for some of the earlier ones and 2) had the money to make sure I got to all the others that have gone since 2008 and I never saw. Thanks all. And what have you heard!? Haha. They will all go in a book once there are no more left to visit. And there are of course a few more on the (shameless plug) countyasylums.co.uk website
  2. Nice. It is near to an asylum / mental hospital?
  3. Here's a little selection of some of the more random, less-obvious shots from 10 years of exploring asylums. One shot each from most of the ones I've visited. Thought I'd try and avoid the obvious shots a little. Aston Hall (Nottinghamshire Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1930) Ward block Bangour Village (West Lothian District Asylum, opened in 1906) Main administration block Barrow (2nd Bristol Borough Mental Hospital, opened in 1938) Main corridor Bethel (Charitable public asylum, opened in 1713) Day room Bethlem Royal (4th incarnation of "Bedlam" (founded in 1247), initially for private middle-class patients, opened in 1930) Admin block staircase Cane Hill (3rd Surrey County Asylum, opened in 1883) Chapel altar Carlton Hayes (Leicestershire & Rutland County Asylum, opened in 1904) Chapel Cefn Coed (Swansea Borough Mental Hospital, opened in 1932) South-eastern view of ward block and water tower Colney Hatch (aka Friern, 2nd Middlesex County Asylum, later 2nd London County Asylum, opened in 1851) Admin block tower Denbigh (aka North Wales Asylum, opened in 1848) View from ward block window towards admin block clock tower Fairfield (Three Counties Asylum (for Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Huntingdonshire), opened in 1860) South east view of main block Fair Mile (Berkshire County Asylum, opened in 1870) South-east view of main block Fulbourn (Cambridgeshire & Ely County Asylum, opened in 1858) Main elevation (admin block in centre) Gartloch (Glasgow District Asylum, opened in 1896) View from dormitory window Glenside (Bristol Borough Asylum, opened in 1861) Chapel window Goodmayes (West Ham Borough Asylum, opened in 1901) Gallery with cell doors Hanwell (Middlesex County Asylum, later first London County Asylum, opened in 1831) Main corridor in female wing Harperbury (Middlesex Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1934) Dormitory Hartwood (Lanarkshire District Asylum, opened in 1895) Jump-proof fire escape Heckingham (former Norwich Union Workhouse, converted into 2nd Norfolk County Mental Hospital, opened in 1927) Main elevation Hellingly (East Sussex County Asylum, opened in 1903) Corridor network (with random portable bathtub) Hensol (Glamorganshire Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1930) Interview room High Royds (3rd West Riding County Asylum, opened in 1888) Glazed-tile doorway Horton (8th London County Asylum, opened in 1902) Administration block The Lawn (Charitable Public Asylum, opened in 1820) View from eastern wing Lennox Castle (Dunbartonshire Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1937) Admin block coaching entrance Leybourne Grange (Kent Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1936) OT room Little Plumstead (Norfolk Mental Defective Colony, opened in 1930) Discarded training material Mapperley (Nottingham Borough Asylum, opened in 1880) Southern aspect Middlewood (2nd West Riding County Asylum, opened in 1872) Chapel Napsbury (Middlesex County Asylum, opened in 1905) Recreation hall (left) and ward block (right), with water tower in background Pen-Y-Fal (Monmouthshire County Asylum, opened in 1851) Ward blocks Pool Parc (Overspill annexe to North Wales Mental Hospital, opened in 1937) Main corridor Rauceby (Kesteven County Asylum, opened in 1902) Administration block Rosslynlee (East Lothian & Peebles District Asylum, opened in 1874) Recreation hall Runwell (East Ham & Southend-on-Sea Borough Mental Hospital, opened in 1937) Chapel Severalls (2nd Essex County Asylum, opened in 1913) Gallery with cell doors St Andrew's (Norfolk County Asylum, opened in 1814) Mortuary St Brigid's (Connaught District Asylum, opened in 1833) Ward corridor St Cadoc's (Newport Borough Asylum, opened in 1906) Window in day-room. St Clement's (Ipswich Borough Asylum, opened in 1870) "Quiet room" in medium-secure annexe St Crispin (Northamptonshire County Asylum, opened in 1876) Staircase in Superintendent's residence St David's (Joint Counties Asylum for Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire & Cardiganshire, opened 1865) Observation room in annexe St George's (Northumberland County Asylum, opened in 1859) Corridor network St John's (Lincolnshire County Asylum, opened in 1852) Admin block main reception St Mary's (Gateshead Borough Asylum, opened in 1914) Corridor network Stone House (The City Of London Asylum, opened in 1866) Dining hall Strathmartin (aka Balvodan) (Charitable Public Idiot Asylum, opened in 1855) Eastern side of main building Sunnyside Royal (Montrose District Asylum, opened in 1858) Congregation area outside recreation hall Talgarth (Joint Breconshire and Radnorshire County Asylum, aka Mid-Wales Asylum, opened in 1903) View from ward window The Towers (Leicester Borough Asylum, opened in 1869) Main corridor in ward section of eastern block West Park (11th London County Asylum, opened in 1915 as Canadian War Hospital, reopened in 1923 as mental hospital) Geriatric ward day room Whittingham (4th Lancashire County Asylum, opened in 1873) Entrance into ward block from corridor network
  4. Nice one Lenston! Rossfergie - so these are the ones that came from the council and we're ok to use them as far as they're concerned? Thanks.
  5. Reckon you could let us use any of those for the County Asylums website? Would be very interested to see them either way. (www.countyasylums.co.uk)
  6. Great set - these bunkers are often a bit boring inside but amazing to see so much and in such good nick. Nice shots too - can't have been the easiest to get right.
  7. Cheeeeeers! I must be really out of the loop to have not heard anything about it until the last week or so - but no suprise there. Guess its a good sign that people were talking about it in a positive way! I'm really struggling to get full reports done at the moment, by the time I edit all the pictures it's a 6 month old explore.
  8. Cheers mate. Yeah I have to say they do look pretty nice printed up and framed - it's a whole different experience to see them like that, even for me! Here's the errant thread, Wevs pointed it out already actually, but to no avail. It's defintely Severalls: http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/4701-St-Ebbas-Hospital-visited-2007-2013 Now that I have signed up, you get to have a tedious asylum nerd onboard to point such things out (until everyone is bored senseless).
  9. Ah yeah I was straight into setting up the profile...will try to find time to post a first report next week too.
  10. Due to terrible Facebook training, I have to resist just clicking the thumb. So instead will be a proper human and say "thankyou"!
  11. Hi all, Noticed a few people on other interwebby places saying "OS" and then me thinking "eh?". Then was looking for some pictures of St Ebba's Hospital in Epsom and stumbled across some shots someone has posted on here (although it's actually Severalls, not St Ebba's in that thread, which is a bit disconcerting, but hey, I didn't think it was a good idea to start by pointing that out on the actual thread!). A few names here I recognise. Here's my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ASOMUE I have a gallery of UE work on in London until December, here: http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/whats-on.php?event=115746 and several great explores waiting to be posted once I can find the time to edit all the pictures!