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  1. Yikes! thats definitely seen better days! Shame some of the rooms in there were lovely!
  2. Cheers guys! Not the norm but definitely worth the trip!
  3. Why thank you! isn't it just! a bit different from your usual place!
  4. Lots of pictures here! I've always been partial to an underground space, the weirder the better! Sat in my research for many years was a place seldom seen. Armed with a vague idea I set off with Lucan on a hunt to see what we could find! Luckily it wasn't as difficult to find as expected! Most decorated underground spaces i've come across are normally very small, usually made of sandstone and very very dark! These were a nice contrast although a little bit tricky to capture with the light lime stone and the light pouring in! These are 19th century carvings of mythical creatures and emblems tucked away in such a quirky little space! I think there's the head of a a couple things, a cyclops remains of a bird, headless man some kind of boar some kind of bear/pig? many had glass around the eyes pushed into the stone!there was remains of a stone circle and lots of carved seating There was also the remains of some kind of tower a shell grotto and a cemetery! slightly puzzling thing to find in the location it was not an easy location to get the bodies too but the metal headstones just kept going into the brambles and the woods. The Cemetery
  5. Yes! all the way home we were trying to come up with some names; face-ache from laughing! I liked friction farm, punishment palace and this morning i come up with Members only!!! pahahaha oh and we now have an answer for the question "What's the weirdest thing you've found?"
  6. Roll on summer, all those layers make me look like a grumpy little sausage! hahahaha was a fun one to End on!
  7. Wow! Im a little obsessed with aircraft! that's both my loves in one place! Corking!
  8. Whoever put the downstairs lights on would have set the alarm off; Pir was wired to the electric box!. There were already so many lights on in there that the workmen had left on still cant quite fathom why you would mess with it, I mean you already had enough light in there to photograph, Spoilt compared to other cinemas which are pitch black barely any chance to focus!
  9. Cheers for the Nice comments ! Lucan and i have been putting the miles in lately
  10. Some of the most enjoyable places to visit for me are the old cottages that are always in the middle of nowhere, This one is no exception.. Its pretty decayed which lately Ive really enjoyed capturing! I think i did get a bit carried away with the pram and very distracted when i heard a few fast jets whizzing over!