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  1. Good to see people are still giving this the time of day, nicely done
  2. Kinda sad to hear this.. Spent a good happy few hours in this place, and it's still such a nice place to visit on a sunny day too! Might make an effort once more before time gets on too much
  3. St. Lawrence's Asylum (Cornwall County Asylum), Bodmin, Cornwall Seffy and END-PROC. Some history for you, seeing as this place has only recently cropped back up: After this place had been described to me a while ago, I did some searching online, and instantly wanted it. To be honest, the hall alone seemed a good enough reason to pay it a visit. Like others though, I'd been put off by tales of PIRs, high tech CCTV systems and security patrols left, right and centre. Seeing as it's a good two and a half hours drive from me, the idea of going all that way and failing was not appealing in the slightest. This meant I needed to wait until I had confirmation that it could be done, before making the trip. This conformation came in the form of two reports only a week or two ago. As soon as I saw them, I knew that now was the time! A big thanks to djflava, who, after not being able to make it himself, kindly gave us the heads up we needed to get in. This being said, access was not as easy as first anticipated, and a lot of trial and error was involved, but the result was worth it in the end. Time was not on our side, which meant that we didn't have time to see it all. I mean, what a shame, that might mean I just have to take another trip back... Cheers.
  4. I thought these forums had software to automatically ban spammers? It's clearly failed here…
  5. Lovely selection Landie mate. Keep seeing these and keep thinking I should go and have a look!
  6. Like others, I've visited this site many many times, and got a lot of time for it. Keep up the good work dude
  7. All these newbs joining up from Bristol eh...
  8. Loving all the reservoirs being done as of late, well shot this is
  9. Nice work. CMH was one that got away for me... I guess we just didn't put the effort in! Ended up just wandering around the site, en route to a meet up!
  10. Froomsgate House, Bristol It is being redeveloped into (yet more) student accommodation. This is one that a few of us (one in particular) have had our eye on for a while, so getting an invite to get up it seemed too good to miss. A mate of mine has put a lot of work into researching this one, so props to him for getting us in! Oddly, it seems I took more photos inside the building than on the roof, which is funny as it was intended as a high evening, not a derping one... There's nothing like enjoying a decent rooftop with some mates in the evening, just to get away from it all! BRISTOL MASSIVEEEE Security, or just the lift talking to itself? Just incase... Spot the noobs... Over-hanging and over-exposed...
  11. Agree with Wevs, I'm surprised there's that much there! But all the same, well captured mate
  12. UPDATE from December 2013: Demolition is getting underway in a rather fast fashion. All systems go for getting Bristol yet more student accommodation... Got skates?