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  1. so cool! hope i get to see this sometime
  2. This was my first urban exploring. Many of you already know the place probably. If you want to go (again), hurry up because they are starting renovations in the beginning of 2014. My photos are different from the others on this forum. Besides urbex im also very interested in lomography. Basically, my photos are all analogue and full of flaws. and i like it that way hope you enjoy!
  3. hey starlight, thanks! i must say i already have a list ready...
  4. definitely want to check this out!
  5. if you happen to pass through belgium, i would love to join!
  6. Im from Ghent, Belgium and new to urbex! went to a truly great abandoned university building recently and am so excited to do more exploring! theres a lot of great places around ghent that i want to check out, if anyone feels like joining please let me know