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  1. in practice, it is possible, but because the data will be uploaded to the network by the public, can be accused of many "scary" things up to international terrorism (in Ukraine now crazy about it). So easily block the site and the quadrocopter is arrested.
  2. Thanks! Shame that the technical part has almost no issues, but the legal part - full of problems:D
  3. New news:D Oh, a long time I did not write on this forum. Maybe that's why new news on our project has not been written. And probably as many guessed it - quadrocopter did not flew in Chernobyl. Is due to many things, in particular due to the fact that Crimea today is not part of Ukraine, and to obtain permission for the flight impossible. But quadrocopter want to run. Maybe that's why he will alter its trajectory a bit, and I hope you will soon see his work.
  4. Yes, I agree, these models are very cool, but ... there are a few moments. 1) Price (per quadrocopter must pay about $ 2000-4000. For better - more money 2) All the same, they do not use the full potential of unmanned aerial vehicles, so for serious photographs or projects may not use them: ((( That's why we decided to make my own (estimated price after the full development - $ 500-1000) + I became interested in urban exploration, so we want to combine several interesting activities
  5. If I understand you correctly, you asked about the characteristics of the quadrocopter. If we talk about industrial models that are sold in shops, their parameters do not suit for such a long flight. That is, with the parameters: 1) 4 motors at 500W. 2) Batteries 5800mACh 3) The total weight of 1800g We get about 30 minutes of flight (this of course is not enough for this project). That's why we're going to put more powerful engines, better batteries, two electric power source (solar panel and wind-module). In addition, the special folding wings will be used for flights (Simferopol-Pripyat and Pripyat-Simferopol). I hope I answered your question, right?
  6. Unfortunately, no. We had to run the project on indiegogo, since I am a resident of Ukraine and am unable to fully work with Amazon Payments :-(
  7. Hi everyone! Today I want to tell you about a project that might interest urban explorers. This project is called "The Road to Chernobyl." What is it? My team and I want to create an autonomous quadrocopter and send it to Chernobyl. You know the tragic fate of the Soviet city? But I remind you a little bit. Chernobyl or rather Pripyat - a Soviet city, which is located on the territory of modern Ukraine. Unfortunately, in 1986 near Pripyat there was one of the largest man-made accidents - an explosion of one of the Chernobyl NPP. This led to the formation of a radioactive cloud and deaths (as civilians and rescuers who tried to destroy the effects of the accident). Many researchers and politicians put forward most different theories about the origin of the accident. Some are talking about negligence of maintenance personnel Chernobyl NPP, some are inclined to theories of political sabotages. But is it so important? This is own opinion of each person. But the fact remains that Now we have a dead city where time stopped still in 1986. Everyone who visited Pripyat, saw things exciting consciousness. Dead atmosphere unharvested linen and several scattered toys - nothing was touched since the accident. And thanks to this we can see the consequences of urbanization. And now back to the project. So my team and I (we all enter into a creative and scientific association "Points") want to show the world the "life" of this dead city. But we want to show this original. To do this, we will build a standalone quadrocopter. It will be equipped with the following devices: 1) two cameras (one for video and one for photos) 2) radiation sensor 3) temperature sensors, humidity and pressure. 4) gps-unit How did he fly? At the quadrocopter will be recorded route on which he will fly using gps-navigation. The path starts from Simferopol (Crimea, Ukraine) and ends in Pripyat. In general quadrocopter will have to go about 780 miles! Maintaining power to operate will be due to the installation of two alternative energy sources - wind turbine and solar panel. And what happened? Along the way and in the dead city quadrocopter will photograph the area and take the data from the sensors. Then it sends them along with gps coordinates to the server, where they are processed and posted for everyone to see. For some people will have access to a video camera, which is mounted on a rotary mechanism. That is, they will be able to direct the camera. And, ultimately, we have launched this project on indiegogo, which is a platform of ÑÂrowd funding. If you are interested in this project, «welcome, join us." If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer all. If you want to learn more: our blog: http://asuglasses.blogspot.com/ our project on indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/road-to-chernobyl/x/5469924 Yours! I hope you enjoy our project
  8. Thanks for all! If you do not mind, today I'll talk about your project:-)
  9. Hi everyone and sorry for my english! I am new to the site and want to say you "HI!". Hi! :-) In exploration I am new too and explore only places what located near. And It is wonderful. Really, cool! Want to speak with people who get involved in this theme. And if it not be insolent, I want to present my project, what called "Road to Chernobyl". I and my small team want to launch the stand-alone quadrocopter to Chernobyl. If you want I'll describe it more. Regards and fun :-)