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  1. Built around 1820 on the foundations of a 17th century manor, the castle named “château du procureur” dark into oblivion. According to local rumors, the last use of the castle dates back to the German occupation. The outside of little interest (a box of sugar on the slice with a roof), we go straight inside.. It was cool in the morning of the visit and frost clouds windows. More on my blog : http://rossifumi46.fr/en/2013/12/le-chateau-du-procureur-en/
  2. This is a well known place in the world of exploration, I thought it was totally devastated, as most known places, yet a nice surprise waiting for us and my friends. After crossing a few buildings with old stocks of crystal, we first come across various molds and templates, and behind what once must have been a canopy, mussels and other glasses / vases and various products from the factory . Unfortunately for me, I could not enter this room, access is provided for skinny people … Much more on my site http://rossifumi46.fr/2013/12/cristallerie-des-deux-barreaux-2/?lang=en
  3. Shame on me, we didn't found the enter ... Nice pics, specialy 1/6/9
  4. Welcome here . Velbon make nice, small, and light weight tripod .
  5. A long walk in the woods, until arriving in bamboo ... This unusual jungle region crossed, here we are with my two exploration acolytes behind this castle of 19 ° with his new roof wich contrast with the rest of the building. Formerly pride of the neighbour chemical industry, the building is now used to stock archives. We quickly find a passage to the inside, and once again i want to kill tagger and the f****** paint bombs ... How can you be silly to the point of painting designs worthy of a child of 2 years on tapestries, mirrors, wood paneling of a castle? Thank you Photoshop on this one! Scribblings aside, only time seems to have damaged the premises. The humidity is wreaking havoc, so that the floor of the top floor of one of the towers decided to join the ground floor two floors below. The structure moves under our feet, making quite stressful visit. Many pieces are full of archives, chemistry books, old fax ... Side details, it does not lack, various moldings, gilded, adorn the walls and ceilings. A fireplace dated before the construction of the castle warmed a small lounge which there is only a chair and a newspaper.
  6. Wonderfull, i've only done the agglomeration part of this giant ... Can't wait to do the entire place.
  7. I'm going to post some reports that i've already made in english, and making new one later .