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  1. you just click the cursor next to each photo in the edit page and press space a couple times
  2. You frequently make me sad with power stations I've not had a chance to see, so in a way I'm glad that you're sad! 😘
  3. That's pretty stunning all round, great photos and write up! Cheers 🍻
  4. How about in say 2 weeks? 😃 Some epic shots here Andy. Stunning location
  5. Maybe someone needed a new set of teeth?
  6. Wow what an awesome report. Love the look of this place...so majestic
  7. Shame about the floors but those stuccos ❤️
  8. Wow how cool is that?? Great find!! A+
  9. Great place for a music video! Is it a whole abandoned street? Kinda looks like a ghost town but I can't quite get the scale of it
  10. Bloody hell that's stunning....and thanks for the extra photos! Looks very clean and tidy, maybe too clean for some people but I love it
  11. Looks very cool. What happened to your camera?
  12. Yeah it's not really a report without some text.... I see you made it to la plage
  13. You've probably seen photos from it already but the power station is nice, or was... I think the metal thieves have really fucked it up now
  14. Looked good in there. I've added some spaces between your pics as they were joined together