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  1. Hi Peeky I'm in London so give me a shout if you fancy doing something in town
  2. Welcome along mate. Hoisting flags up on top of buildings is a respectable cause
  3. Wow that's awesome Andy. As you know houses aren't really my thing but your photos make it look very appealing. Those old framed photos are amazing
  4. Damn that is very nice indeed. Not seen this one before. Me likey!
  5. I love this! Good effort going back and getting it done despite being told to leave. Sometimes the cheeky approach is the best one
  6. It's got some character despite being so small. Can you include the month and year in the title of your reports please mate. Just so others have a vague timeline of when somewhere was still standing or doable. Cheers
  7. Wow some very cool stuff in there. I've never seen a morgue slab quite like that one
  8. Yeah it's mind boggling really. The exterior is stunning
  9. Utility tunnels / service tunnels Looks like a big old place. Glad there is no graffiti inside
  10. It's been all over the internet for years and it's still in amazing condition, so what difference has that made? Please enlighten me