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  1. That's cool. I like the weird shaped mirrors on the outside in pic 4
  2. Very interesting. Where does the entrance lead to?
  3. That's nice Mikey. Quite a lot of stuff on offer at that site
  4. Cheers, I've edited the title for you. Looks like a great location for a party
  5. No we hired a driver for the day and he was from Tkvarcelli so we had no issues. If you stay in Sukhum city hostel the owner can help you
  6. The_Raw


    I don't see what point you are trying to get across other than the fact you are cool with people vandalising derelict buildings, which is a strange thing to come out with on your first post. I can't see you making many friends on here if you think like that
  7. Very enjoyable reading your reports TBM. Good to see you getting back on it
  8. Blimey that's an impressive house. Great report mate
  9. Some great pics there mate. Need to get myself a film camera some time
  10. That's pretty nice. The radio collection is amazing!
  11. Wow that's pretty awesome. Lots of stuff like this in Wales
  12. That's amazing Andy. I've not seen any photos from here before