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  1. I like the look of that. Some interesting details that make it a bit different
  2. It's a beautiful building. Shame you didn't get to see the staircase inside. That's something else
  3. Welcome along mate.... +1 for seeing more American reports
  4. Nobody has any idea what on earth you are asking from us. You are the first and only member to post something so bizarre on here. You haven't explained things properly so you can't expect a truly helpful response from anyone. This is a forum for exploring. If you can't do the research yourself then maybe this isn't the right hobby for you! And actually Andy was pretty fucking helpful in his response! What the fuck do you want from us???
  5. Hey Sol. Welcome to the forum. I had to look up Spokane as I'd not heard of it! You can use the search bar on here to see what comes up but I think most of the American locations have been given codenames. An easy way to start researching places is to Google 'spokane urbex' / 'abandoned spokane' / 'Washington urbex' / 'abandoned washington' for example, and see what comes up. Often the images that show up can lead to some interesting finds. That's my first port of call whenever I travel somewhere. What kind of places are you into?
  6. One of my favourite explores this one. Great shots
  7. I'd get a Taxi it if it's that close
  8. I think that was your other thread, I'll add it to this one too. Cheers 👌
  9. That's very cool. I love the old tills in the shop. Can I ask roughly when you visited so I can add it to the title please? This is just so we have a vague timeline of when somewhere was still doable, and what state it was in.
  10. Not seen this one before. Still in pretty good nick so I wouldn't be surprised if someone makes use of it There was a missing bracket at the start of the flickr link, I've fixed it now
  11. Such an amazing place. Would love to have seen it before they stripped it.
  12. Now that is some nice architecture right there. Hope they sort it out although it looks a bit far gone 😕
  13. Some really cool stuff left in there. Looks like a nice little time capsule
  14. I'm from Shropshire myself and never even heard of this! Very interesting find