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  1. Yeah that's a nice first report mate. Cheers for sharing
  2. What a cool place. Love the classroom shot #16
  3. Bit late to the party but damn that's pretty cool
  4. That's crazy to have been sat there so long unnoticed. The green mossy room is epic
  5. Liking that Landie. I've got a soft spot for police stations when I'm not there for the wrong reasons
  6. Some amazing places there. The asylums were the highlight so far for me
  7. Looks a pretty cool explore to me. How far are you from Philly? There's an epic power station there. I'm tempted to visit from the UK!
  8. Found this room so photogenic, as if untouched for 20 years or something.
  9. That's super nice mate. Reminds me of a couple of old textile mills in Wales. Abandoned for such a long time but still in a time capsule state
  10. The_Raw

    USA Virginia

    Hey Ben, it's worth sticking a couple of reports up and making yourself known on here before asking for locations. People are generally quite helpful once they see someone is genuine from their reports etc. I'm from the UK so I can't help with US locations anyway sorry
  11. Thank you. Italy's a beautiful place. If you ever decide to go drop me a message
  12. Yep, it's another Italian asylum! Last one from this trip. We changed our plans at the last minute to check on this instead of visiting one of the better known spots. It was a bit of a gamble as we had no info and it was going to be the last explore of the trip, but it could be epic. I'm glad we did as it turned out to be a banger. Something interesting in every room and corridor pretty much. Lights still on in places and parts that looked not long abandoned. Probably the closest thing I've seen to one of the classic UK asylums in their hey day. We only had time to get around half of it unfortunately so I'm sure there is a lot more to see in here. Visited with elliot5200 & @shaddam Freaky bastard door, like something out of a horror film creaking and banging of it's own accord. Never heard anything like it. The first of many in here. Lights still on in some parts This semi-circular section was a secure wing for violent patients. Inside one of the cells and the adjacent corridor We popped our heads into the chapel just before we left as it was a bit bait. Very nice in there but it looked very much still in use so we didn't hang about. And that's all for now. Thanks for looking
  13. Loving that! What a cool building By the way I've noticed your pics take a while to load, they will load much quicker if you resize them usually. I resize mine to under 2MB in lightroom before I export them. They don't seem to lose any quality, it just makes the file much smaller and easier to upload
  14. Certainly some nice pics to be had with that back lighting. Looks good
  15. That's bangin mate. Looks epic this place. Did you use the manual upload function? Couple of pics not working and seems to be quite a few pics jumbled about at the bottom. Seem to remember that can happen with the uploader sometimes. When you try to delete pics it chucks them to the bottom of the page for some reason.
  16. Wow that's awesome. I like the penguins and the morgue! I never thought I would mention those 2 things in the same sentence but hey
  17. From some old offices for a steel works in France
  18. The old Lloyds bank in Bristol. Now converted into a hotel
  19. This was a fun one. A small part of the hospital is still in use so there were lots of vehicles coming and going. Security kept driving up and down the main road as well like it was groundhog day so we had to stay on our toes. The hospital was built in 1930 for the treatment of people suffering from mental illness. Towards the end of WWII, in 1945, a famous massacre took place here. Seventy five Italian Social Republic soldiers were brought here as prisoners and around 50 of them were brutally executed. Some of them being tied up with wire and crushed under the wheels of two trucks. Anyway, as I was saying, a fun place to hang out, with something to see in most of the buildings. I'd say we got around 75% of the abandoned stuff. Here's some pics: 1. Chapel 2. Not too impressive inside 3. 4. & 5. 6. Beds bolted to the floor 7. 8. 9. Not entirely sure what this was, some kind of meals on wheels type body trolley? 10. 11. Several buildings full of old documents 12. 13. 14. X-ray scans 15. Theatre/Cinema 16. Amazingly the projector has survived Thanks for looking