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  1. Lol wtf is going on there?! Cool video, some well edited decent footage there. Welcome to OS
  2. Looks like a decent place to sleep on an exploring trip
  3. Definitely one of those places that looks better from the outside, must have been nice in its day
  4. That's a cool find! Are you living there now then?
  5. haha those statues are super weird
  6. Looks incredible! Great photos too....
  7. ^ It's not a requirement to name sites on here or give out details Very nice report there. It's rare to find somewhere as untouched as this
  8. Well that's pretty epic! Not heard of many of these. Some great shots there!
  9. Pretty nice that. Good to see some stuff from Poland
  10. Reminds me of the Heygate estate in London a few years back, that's what got me into this hobby
  11. Tooting hospital is one I would like to see pics from, been trying to get in there for ages!
  12. Great first report and good to see you on here! Some absolute bangers in there. I missed the main building unfortunately, looks pretty epic
  13. Yeah some pics would definitely add to the story. Drop me a message if you need any help uploading or anything else
  14. Hi mate, I've moved this to the introduction section. Whereabouts in London are you based?
  15. Fair play I'd quite like to see this for myself. My mum would be well impressed! Was this filmed recently? Bit confused that you mentioned 2013 in the text.....
  16. Nicely lit pics there mate. Good to see this pop up again, it's been quite a while. I had to take the stairs in and out when I went. Not recommended !
  17. Great shots, it's certainly very photogenic in there